Vinotecca: Revamped and Still Unique

Vinotecca: Revamped and Still Unique

Ok Detroit, let’s talk wine. For those of you who live or frequently visit the Metro Detroit area you may have been to a place in Royal Oak called Vinotecca a while ago. Or perhaps you have frequented The Bird & The Bread in Birmingham, MI before. Well, if you missed the Vinotecca, I am excited to say that it is back and revamped to really fit its name, however, if you frequented The Bird & The Bread, you are going to miss it.

Elm Room

Vinotecca was a wine bar that once originated in downtown Royal Oak, MI. It was a hit for wine lovers and while Royal Oak was not the perfect fit, Vinotecca still had a loyal following. Fast forward a few months and Vinotecca has found it’s perfect home, only a few miles away in a new city.

Vinotecca Bar

The remodeled space that once housed The Bird & The Bread will amaze you. From the moment you enter you feel like you were meant to be there with space for live bands, reused wine elements, and even a few favorites from the old Vinotecca itself. The dining area offers a remodeled space that offers a more intimate atmosphere. There is plenty of seating throughout the front part of the restaurant that boasts tables, a nice long bar, and a fun room called the Barrel Room that is made of recycled wine barrels. The space for the live music is cozy and allows you to get right up close to band, the idea being a more blusey/jazz feel for the restaurant.

Barrel Room

The most unique part and a main reason for moving to Birmingham is the space at the back of the restaurant. The back space is designed for banquets and corporate meetings and offers the same amenities as the restaurant but on a more elegant scale. The back boasts the Elm Room for small weddings while the Enzo and Bella rooms are smaller so they are good for meetings. Together this restaurant is quite stunning!

Vinotecca Small Plates

Highlights: Live music is available Thursday through Saturday with a variety of artists. Along with unique wine, there are 12 craft beers on tap so there is something for everyone. The original Black wine night that was a hit in Royal Oak still happens in Birmingham. The menu is eclectic and definitely outside your normal restaurant menu with small plates and dinner plate options.

If you are looking for a fun night out at a new place check out Vinotecca in Birmingham. It is sure to be a hit. If you want to learn more before you go be sure to check out all the social media channels for Vinotecca.

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