Unofficial End Of Summer Party

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It’s Labor Day and that means the “unofficial” end of summer, especially here in Michigan when school starts for everyone tomorrow. It’s a sad time to think about summer ending but excited also because we get to enjoy fall, school, and everything that comes along with it. So, how do you celebrate the end of summer and back to routine? With a party of course! What a perfect ending to a fun full summer, one last BBQ and games with family.

End of Summer fun with Food and Giant Jenga

Our Labor Day celebration consisted of smoked turkey, homemade Sangria, all the sides you could want and a family game (or 3) of Jenga Giant.

The reason behind the turkey (I mean, that’s not normal BBQ) is we got a new smoker a few months ago and will take any chance we get to cook a whole bird. Why well that’s completely selfish, we can feed our family and have left overs for at least 2 meals. It’s a win win for us. Besides the fact that we are not necessarily normal when it comes to events. The side dishes included green beans, corn on the cob, coleslaw, baked beans, mashed potatoes, and cornbread. It was a  good healthy mix of BBQ and Thanksgiving dinner. Ha, my family was impressed.

For family fun play a game of Jenga Giant.And then what does the non-traditional family do? We play games, large games. We play Jenga Giant! Jenga has always been a Comparison with classicfamily favorite and having the change to play a larger version we could not resist. Jenga Giant is the same old Jenga just larger. It was so much fun to play a game that you have to get your whole body into playing. There is squatting, tapping, and walking around all in attempt to get that Jenga piece out. You can build a tower over 4 ft tall if you have any luck with the pieces. The pieces you are playing with are bigger than you hand and very solid (solid wood construction) so you know you really need to get hands on to win the game. It has become a new family favorite and I already have requests for other family events. I am in love with this game. Check out the videos below of the game in action! This is a great game that gets everyone up and moving while playing a classic board game.

Jenga Giant was just released this August/September so if you have not seen it yet be on the lookout. This is the perfect gift for the upcoming holiday season if you want an occasion. There are two version of the game so make sure you get the one that’s right fro you:

  1. Jenga Giant Family Edition: Stacks to over 3 feet high. It’s 6 times the size of original Jenga!  Ages  6+
  2. Jenga Giant Genuine: This one stacks to over 4 feet high.  Ages 8-10

And the crash! #giantjenga #familyfun #laborday

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