Have You Ever Done a Float? #TrueRestDetroit

Have You Ever Done a Float? #TrueRestDetroit

There is a new health and wellness/relaxation trend hitting Metro Detroit and it is all about floating. While most people think about pools when floating is mentioned, this float is more spa and
rejuvenating over sun and water.True Rest Detroit
True Rest Float Spa, a float spa right in metro Detroit, offers a unique opportunity for people looking to relax and in many cases relieve tension and possibly sports related pains. The idea is very simple,
you lay down in a float pod filled with 1000 pounds of salt (that gives the water a density greater than the Dead Sea), close your eyes, and let your mind wander while you float for an hour or more. The
float pods are very personal so it really is a technique that you get out what you put in. Have some aches and pains, float and focus on them. Stressed, then float and let your mind wander. The premise
behind floating is an increase in your brain’s theta brain waves, the ones that are high in children (you know, the more energetic and care free kinds).

While floating itself is not new, it’s been around for decades, the availability and public light of the process is fairly new. From the moment you walk into True Rest Float Spa you feel more at ease. The
entire salon is set up to be calming and full of positive energy. The owners have thought of everything! From the minute you step into your float pod room you are in control of your float. You can control the
lid of the pod, music, lights, and how you want to float. Afterwards, you have the ability to moisturize, dry and fix your hair, and the best part, finish unwinding with some water or tea and the ability to write down and share your experiences. True Rest Refreshments

My first float was pretty nice, nothing like I had expected. It was so easy to turn my brain off and just float for an hour. In fact, that hour felt like it flew by! I exited my pod, mind at ease and body
feeling more relaxed than I have been in 4 years (or since my kids were born). It was truly an amazing experience, one that I have heard only gets better the more you do it. I was more relaxed in the few days to follow then any other spa treatment I have had in my life! True Rest Relaxation

This is something that everyone should try, at least once! Check out the True Rest Float Spa website here and social media channels (True Rest Detroit) to see all the stories and acclaims this new hot spot in metro Detroit has. I know I will be sending my husband soon and hopefully be back myself in not that long.

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