Treasure Toons DVD for Tots + Giveaway

Treasure Toons DVD for Tots + Giveaway

This post and giveaway are sponsored by Oodles World and the FrontGate Christian Blogger Network. The opinions about how it will serve our home well are my own. 

One of my favorite Sunday afternoon past times is sitting down and watching a movie or two with my kids. We love to snuggle in and enjoy the comfort of the couch for a few hours in our crazy schedule. Our favorite movies to watch include songs and moments we can sing a long too, adding more joy and comfort to our time together.

Since both movies and music are a big part of our lives, a DVD that can bring that all together is always a good option. Even better if there is a strong message that my kids can really take to heart as I try to raise them in this crazy, crazy world.

We had the option to watch a new DVD called Treasure Toons this past week and while the DVD is full of fun songs that a very purposeful (based on versus from the bible), the DVD seems geared toward a older age group than what is recommended.

Do not misunderstand me, I liked the DVD and all the songs a lot. The songs had a nice beat to them and the graphics that went along we were colorful and well done. I liked that the lyrics were displayed right on the screen so you could sing along from the beginning, the first time you heard a song.  The whole DVD is about 55 minutes in length, a good time to have the music on and playing in the background, even if the disc itself is not being watched. The songs are deep in meaning and since they follow the bible verse, they do not flow as well as other songs. The person who liked the experience the most was my 11 year old, the little ones got a little bored after a few songs.

Treasure Toons is a great way to show the importance of the bible verses and they do a good job of incorporating them in a entertaining manner. I am pleased with the versus they songs were made from and the meanings in today’s world. Even if my little ones did not sit still, I have found myself playing the DVD in the background while we do other things , at least giving them the chance to hear the messages. Treasure Toons is a nice addition to any Christian DVD collection and will help kids understand the bible versus more, even it means they are a little older. 

But with all the craziness of the holidays around, use Treasure Toons to take a break and enjoy some family time! And enter to win the giveaway below.

Need a break from the hectic holidays? Enter to win the Mommy Sanity Saver Sweepstakes – a $100 VISA GIFT CARD for you and a treasure trove of fun for your little one. Visit Treasure Toons on Facebook or Instagram to enter. Promotion runs 12/1/16 – 12/15/16.

  • Grand Prize: There will be two (2) grand prizes available to be won, consisting of $100 Visa Gift Card, Treasure Toons DVD, Wonderfully Made CD and frog plush toy. TOTAL ARV of grand prizes is: $240. One winner to be selected from each Facebook and Instagram promotion.
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  • Second Prize(s): There will be 20 second prize(s) available to be won, each consisting of Wonderfully Made CD (ARV: $12 each). TOTAL ARV of second prize(s): $240. 10 winners to be selected from each Facebook and Instagram promotion.

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