Travel Hack: Traveling with Jewelry

How to travel with JewelryMy family and I love to travel! It’s fun and relaxing to get away and see someplace new. We usually drive but there has been a few places we have flown to and it seems like no matter the route there are dilemas with each. Now, as well know there are lots of peices to the puzzle that have to be put together to have a successful trip.Travel Hack for Jewelry

One of those peices is jewelry. Is there an easy way to keep your jewley both safe and untangled without spending a lot of money on a jewelry holder? And lets be honest, most of those “jewlery holdres” don’t even work to actually hold your jewwelry. So what’s a girl to do?

I have a simple life hack or travel hack as the case may be, for you and traveling jewelry. A small peice of cardboard. It can be from a box, tag, just about anything as long as it’s on the thinner side. Punch holes for earrings and make 2 slits, one on the top and one on the bottom, for necklaces and braclets. Wondering what to do with rings, cut your slits on the corner to fit the ring and slide it in. This little contraction will keep jewelry safe, in one place, and keep necklaces from getting twisted and knotty!

What do you think? Easy right. What are your secrets for traveling with jewelry?

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3 thoughts on “Travel Hack: Traveling with Jewelry”

  • Great tip — and free. I like some of the jewelry travel bags but those can be costly. Thanks for the tip!

  • Cool! Have never seen/heard of that one. I know the straw hack though, for necklaces. So thanks for sharing this one!

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