Travel Essentials: Snack and Play Tray

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One of our favorite pastimes as a family is road trips. We love the planning and the open road and all the new adventures we and the kids get to experience. When taking a vacation by road there is so much to see and do simply by stopping your car that miss when you fly somewhere. But, what about all that time in the car?

Well, for my oldest it’s easy because she can move around, reach her stuff,and snack without restraint. That makes a long road trip no big deal for her. The little ones on the other hand have a bit of a harder time. We actually went on our first road trip as a family this summer with the little ones (ages 2 and 1) and I know first hand how difficult it can be when they are constantly dropping toys, snacks, and drinks. It is also a bit of a hardship for everyone else in the car when you continuously have to get them their stuff, or something new because they changed their mind.

Good News! Star Kids have created a snack and play tray that keeps all your little ones belonging right with them. We have tried it out on a few mini trips and it is amazing! It’s such a handy tool and keeps the kids happy that the two little ones often fight over who gets to use it. Needless to say I have to buy another one before this summer.

StarKids Snack and Play Travel TrayThe tray fits nicely on the lap of your little one and has straps the secure the tray around your carseat. The tray is about the width of a seat and has very strong, sturdy upright edges along the very edge of the tray. This gives your little one a whole lap space that toys or snacks can not fall off of. The sides keep everything on their lap. I love that my kids can have everything they need right there and they can play without fear of losing their toys or their snacks. And then there is the mesh pockets on the side. The pockets are big enough to hold additional toys or snacks that are within easy reach of the kids or even better a book or two and a sippy cup. This gives your kids access to additional activities and a drink.

This tray has been amazing for our long trips. My kids love having the tray with them and all their stuff and I love that I am not constantly hearing “Mommy I dropped this or that” or “Mommy can you get me this or that”. Our road trips are slightly less hectic and more enjoyable for all involved. If you do any type of road trips with little ones this tray is a must. Learn more about the tray and where to buy one here.

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