Top Reading Genres for Male Readers

To continue the reading month theme this post is all about the top reading genres for men. Some of them may seem silly but after getting a lot of input these genres are what men consider for their reading. The descriptions are pretty simple: men want something visual and with a lot of battles!

Top 5 Book Genres for Male Readers

1. Magazines

Not sure if this is a genre really but according to my sources, this is the number one thing that men will read! Most of the time it’s sports related magazines but it does include outdoors, automotive, and others. Magazine rank high because most men are looking for a visual to go along with their reading so this is a great fit.

2. Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi is a very popular genre for most people including men. This genre falls into the number 2 spot because it’s a draw of many Star Wars and Star Trek fans and usually includes some epic battle scenes which most men want in a story.

3. Comic Books/Graphic Novels

Along the same lines as magazines, it’s usually about the visual. A good comic can also have some great battle scenes that keep a man’s attention. The recent outpouring of movies based on comic book characters has also directed more men back to this genre of reading.


I think most adults like to be scared, even when they don’t want to admit it. Novels that fall in the horror genre generally have death and suspense that make them exciting to read. It’s also a common genre to read because of the numerous horror movies that are out there. Most people who read horror novels are looking for the same thrill a movie would give them and we know how much men like their movies!

5. Western

This one is a simple one: all boys want to grow up to be cowboys! Thanks to the old time western movies and TV shows, little boys all want to be a cowboy at one time or another in thier lives. How do you keep up with that dream as an adult? Read western novels.


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