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Science Sunday: Get Girls Into Tech

Science Sunday: Get Girls Into Tech

Empowering girls, especially in the fields of S.T.E.M. learning and careers is a big passion of mine. I truly believe that with the proper guidance and determination a girl can be and do anything. This is especially important in the S.T.E.M. careers where girls are […]

Science Sunday: Mathematics

This science Sunday is dedicated to mathematics, the M of S.T.E.M. Math, a dreaded subject for most people It is usually the subject line that most people do the bare minimum in to finish and move on. But, math is extremely important, especially in S.T.E.M. […]

Science Sunday: Lab Set For Kids

*The Mixing Bowl received product or payment in exchange for this post. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may differ from yours. Along with information you probably know that I review products on this blog. While most of the reviewing does not […]

Science Sunday: S.T.E.M.

So I want to introduce you to a new series that I will be putting out there for you all called Science Sunday. Every other week I will go through principles or research or maybe even an experiment or two that you can do at […]