Spring Cleaning with a Purpose for Goodwill

Spring Cleaning with a Purpose for Goodwill

The Spring season brings a lot with it: new life, new motivation, more fun, and warm weather. Spring is about renewal and change, but for some people struggling  finding work it is not such a joyous time. I just recently experienced the loss of a job and the strain that it put on me and my family. It was a tough time and even though the weather was nice, nothing was motivating to me, except finding a job. Did you know that you can help people struggling to find jobs by simply donating to Goodwill?  

Over the past several years, most of us have had a family member, friend, acquaintance struggle in this economy.  Either they have lost a job or struggled to find employment. And if not someone you know personally, really, all you have to do is turn on the TV or pull up social media to see the struggle. It is real.Goodwill

Goodwill’s career centers, training programs and staffing operations give people the resources, skills and confidence that changes thousands of lives each year.

So how can you help to be a part of this growth and effort in your own community? It’s easy! Donate to Goodwill = create jobs!

With the warmer weather and the need to Spring Clean and declutter the house, now is the best time to get stuff together for Goodwill. How many times over the last few months have you looked around your house and seen items that you no longer use, will never use, or might not fit anyone anymore?

This Spring I plan on going through everyone’s closet and removing old and out of season clothes, along with stuffed animals, toys, and household items we no longer use. The best tip I can give for Spring Cleaning is to do it all year round! I always keep a bag or box in the corner of my basement to fill with items as I find them and when I collect enough I drop it off.Goodwill Donation

Thanks to the programs and support services made possible by donations of clothes and household items, Goodwill helped place more than 312,000 people in jobs in the United States and Canada in 2015 – that’s one person finding a job every 23 seconds of every business day.  

Why do I donate? Because what I may not want or have use for may be perfect for someone else! If we have perfectly good items that can be loved by someone else, why not help our community? If you are not sure where your local Goodwill is, you can use the Goodwill Locator App available for Android and iOS devices and at http://www.goodwill.org/ (click “Explore Our Map” on the homepage). Simply input the items you’re donating to calculate the number of hours of career counseling, on-the-job training, résumé preparation, financial planning classes, and other services you’ve helped provide people facing challenges finding employment. When jobs thrive, communities thrive.Goodwill

Last year, nearly 2 million people engaged in face-to-face Goodwill services to advance in their careers. More than 35 million people accessed education, training, mentoring and online learning tools offered by Goodwill virtually to strengthen their skills and gain industry-recognized credentials.

We have done our part! Now it is time for you to do yours! Tag us on your social media posts with a photo of your Goodwill donations using #DonateStuffCreateJobs.

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