Smile Brilliant: At Home Teeth Whitening

Smile Brilliant: At Home Teeth Whitening

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Growing up it was never really discussed that pop, or more importantly for me, coffee among other things, could really have a damaging effect on the color of your teeth. I admit that I never thought much about it. Once I really started to take notice of my not so white anymore teeth (wondering how white your teeth really are, hold up a tissue next to them: Are they the same color?) I knew it was time to take action.

There are a lot of teeth whitening products on the market. You can get strips, toothpaste, powders (activated charcoal powder claims to work), and professional services from your dentist. The biggest issue besides cost was most products only worked on the surface, and I would happily drink my coffee and white teeth away again.

Needless to say nothing worked as I had hoped and the strips made my teeth so sensitive I could not stand it! I stopped those right away. Thinking I was going to be dealing with discolored teeth forever, a new (to me) company popped up on my radar: Smile Brilliant!

Smile Brilliant Trays

Smile Brilliant is an at home gel system that is comparable to a professional treatment. You make molds of your mouth and send them off to get special trays made that fit your teeth perfectly. Then you go through a two-step system of whitening and desensitizing. You are supposed to whiten daily for the best results and I did for about the first week and a half and then I had to switch it up to every other, sometimes every third day. Still I have been using the system for about a month now and the results are noticeable, even with my continued coffee drinking. As you can see, there is still a bit of whitening that can be done but overall, my teeth are less stained and way brighter.

Smile Brilliant Before and After-3 weeks

The gels come in a syringe that you add to your trays and then slip on your teeth. The whitening gel is 22% Peroxide and is a potent whitener. This high of a concentration does have a tendency to make teeth sensitive, even without any sensitivity before, hence the desensitizing gel. While the desensitizing gel helps, it does not halt all sensitivities.  Each syringe gave me about 5-6 treatments so a little goes a long way! The whole process can be anywhere from just over an hour to 3.5 hours if you want.

Smile Brilliant Gel Tubes

There are two reasons that I has to stop the everyday whitening. One was the sensitivity I was experiencing. Decreasing the treatments was the best way to deal with it and still get the results I wanted. Second was the time factor. As a busy mom, there were nights were whitening my teeth was the farthest thing from my mind as I fell into bed. I had to start scheduling my treatments not only around my schedule but my sensitivities. Still, I got noticeable results.

Each Smile Brilliant Kit, there are multiple sizes to choose from, allows you to whiten and then maintain your white teeth. The kit comes with everything to make your impressions and then the syringes of gel. 9 whitening treatments are $129 and for only $20 more you can get 18 whitening sessions. If you really have some work to do there is the 27 session package for $159. Head over to Smile Brilliant now and to learn more and order your kit. These are perfect for yourself just before the holidays or as a gift. My husband has been watching me and I think I might get him a kit for Christmas.

As an added bonus you can use code mixingbowlsavings at checkout and you will save 5%. Or you can enter to win your own system by clicking here and entering your name and email. Super simple!

What are you waiting for? Start whitening your teeth today!

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