Our First Six Months at Goldfish Swim School

Our First Six Months at Goldfish Swim School

My kids have been swimming with Goldfish Swim School for six months now and while it seems like much longer, I am so happy with how far they have come.

When we first walked into the school that cold November day, my son was so excited to jump in and get going. My daughter….not so much and since she was under 3 I had to get in the pool with her at first, not my favorite thing.

We started slow, with neither one of them fans of going underwater. Little girl loved to open her mouth when underwater and kept swallowing pool water…yuck! This went on for over a month. My big guy adapted much quicker, after a few lessons learning the importance of keeping his mouth closed to be able to swim effectively.Kids Swimming Underwater

After 2 months, little girl was more than ready to move to the big pool like her brother (she was also the biggest in her class and she wanted to be with kids her size) so we changed our lessons around and she started in the big pool. Big guy continued to improve and amaze his instructors with his determination to keep going. Little girl struggled for quite a while by herself in the big pool but after some coaching and some great instructors, she started coming around. It was much slower with her. She still hated her head going underwater and did not want to jump in at all. Her instructors coached her to start to float, showed her the importance of her kicks and pulls, and slowly introduced her to the importance of putting her head underwater to swim effectively.

The last one and half months before our summer break from lessons proved to have the biggest gains. Big guy really started to shine and not only push himself (he could swim across the pool unassisted) but his instructors when it came to his love of diving to the bottom of the pool to get the pool ring. He would not get out of the water without getting at least one ring and he was so proud. The end of our six months meant real swimming for little girl which included jumping in and putting her head underwater.Kicks and Pulls

Each lesson held new challenges and gains for both the kids and while we had many different instructors, they all came with strengths they adapted to each kid to help them achieve their goals. Each lesson was based around a sense of easiness and safety while in the pool, a skill that could save their lives one day. Each instructor was happy and encouraging, even when little girl did nothing but scream at them. I also loved that each month had an overreaching theme that the instructors could use. That also meant coloring sheets and a goldfish of their own for the kids to take home as a reminder of their lessons. Good follow through really!Goldfish Swim School Figures

I am hoping to use this summer to encourage and strengthen the lessons they have already learned as we travel and hit the water. I am also very excited to start lessons again in the fall and see them grow and become awesome swimmers. Want to help your little one swim? Find a Goldfish Swim school near you!

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  • Wish we had something like that here. I would pay for my great niece to learn how to swim in a class.

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