2 Tips to Save Money on Healthy Foods

2 Tips to Save Money on Healthy Foods

As you have probably noticed, I am trying really hard to eat healthier. This has never been an easy task and one of the big reasons is the cost of “healthy” foods. Organic produce, stevia based products, or things as simple as chia seeds or flax can be so expensive to buy. Here are my top 2 tips to save money on healthy foods/supplements.

One trick that I have found works well is to buy in bulk and store appropriately for longer use. This has been a lifesaver in a lot of ways as the price per unit is always cheaper when buying in bulk. It may be a lot more of a product than you can use in a timely fashion but proper storage always extends the shelf life.Vitacost

The second big trick I have found is buying from trusted online retailers. These retailers usually offer the best price, way better than most of my local stores, and you can find items that a local store may not carry. I like online retailers because the prices are good (may have to spend more upfront to save on shipping but usually worth it), and they ship right to your house so no going and spending hours at the store.

The online retailer that I go to the most is Vitacost. They have the right prices and the products that I want most. Vitacost seems to always have a sale or deal of some sort to save you money and it just got better. Vitacost has teamed up with Groupon Coupons to save you even more money. I love the idea of saving even more money.Groupon Coupon

Are you ready to save:  Check out the Vitacost link here on Groupon Coupons and start saving today. Then don’t forget to check out Groupon Coupons for other brands that you love and see where you can save.

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