Rubba Ducks: Not Just a Kids Toy

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Rubber ducks are the perfect bathroom play toy right? Yes, but there is now a better option available! Standard rubber ducks have holes at the base and once water gets inside it never fully gets out. What does that mean? A big potential for mold to start growing. The idea of moldy toys is a big turnoff for me as a mom. Yet, my kids love rubber ducks. The answer to this in the past for me was simple: no rubber ducks in the tub or pool. I have bought many ducks over the years simply to throw them away. I also know that I am not the only one who feels this way.

The Mixing Bowl (2)So, what’s a mom to do? Get a better rubber duck is what!

Meet Rubba Ducks, a new duck on the market that will rock your world. I am so excited about these ducks. Rubba ducks are larger size ducks that always float upwards and do not have any holes for water to get stuck in. That means is a healthy toy for kids and adults. The best thing about Rubba ducks (besides being pool and bathtub ok) is the characters! Yes, I said characters. Each duck has its own personality. The ducks encompass everything from animals, people, and even holidays. They are also quite collectible.

We currently have 2 Rubba Ducks around our house, Ducklet and Duckanderthal. My son loves pigs so Ducklet was the perfect gift for him and Duckanderthal is known as the beginning so it’s a must have. They are sturdy,Ducklet and can put up with 2 toddlers. That alone makes them a great toy! I personally love Halloween and can’t wait to add the Halloween Ducks to my decor in October. Another unique attribute to the ducks is a tail tattoo that adds to its personality.

Another reason these ducks are awesome: They are now the only non-Disney featured toy at the Boathouse! The Boathouse is a restaurant in Disney Springs (downtown on the water) that everyone has to visit at least once. It’s a really fun restaurant and now it’s even better with the appropriate addition of Rubba Ducks. Who knows, maybe they will even carry a few special ducks.

IIMG_7395f you like rubber ducks or have a specific hobby you should check out Rubba Ducks for a gift idea. Anyone who gets one will love them I’m sure. You can find all 200+ Rubba Ducks here on their website. And be sure to connect with them on their social media below, they love interacting with people.

Facebook: RubbaDucks
Instagram: @rubbaducksworld
Twitter: @rubbaducks
Pintrest: @rubbaducks
YouTube: @rubbaducks

Which Rubba Duck do you want? Let me know in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Rubba Ducks: Not Just a Kids Toy”

  • What an interesting post. :). I love rubber duckies. I love the different looks for collecting or just fun. Thanks for sharing
    Carol L

  • Cool! I remember throwing the regular bath rubber ducks away because of mold getting into them. Never wanted any after that so glad to see this now

  • (Rubba Ducks: Not Just a Kids Toy) These sound like some fun toys for bathtime fun. They would be great for my two year old grandson.

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