Picture Storage On the Go + Giveaway

Picture Storage On the Go + Giveaway

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Digital images are a way of life for everyone. With the amazing cameras on smartphones and digital recording equipment (think GoPro and many many others) there is no shortage of digital files. I know I am probably a big part of the problem. I love being able to snap any picture of my kids, my food, or a beautiful scene that I happen to come across simply by picking up my phone. Sure, most of the pictures are of the kids but it is too easy not to snap them.

I can almost guarantee that if the digital technology of today was available when I was a kid there would be lot more pictures of little me floating around. Again, it is too easy to take them. And, I love all the candid moments I capture! They are moments that happen so quickly and infrequently that I have to capture them. My phone has personally become my camera and camcorder in one. Great for on the go but not great on my storage.

Raise your hand, or just nod your head so you don’t look ridiculous, if you have ever gotten the storage full message on your phone. If I had a hundred hands I would raise them all. I get that message all the time. Then I take a few quick minutes and skim through my photos and delete just enough to be able to take that one picture that I have to take right now. I look for blurry and blank ones first and hope there is enough because the idea of deleting another picture that I might need one day just makes my heart start racing. I am so against deleting any picture that I probably need help for it.

Yes, probably need some kind of treatment for my picture obsession. My other thoughts would be a bigger GB phone (totally not in the budget) or constant downloads (yea right, what if I need that picture for an Instagram post) or other storage maybe?

After looking around for years and trying all the methods I knew I thought I was just stuck being my picture hording self! I was convinced that there was no easy method that would fit my hoarding and my lifestyle in general. It was a bummer really! I was lost. But, all good things come to those who wait!

At a conference earlier this month I was introduced to this fun little product called Picture Keeper. This little USB is an extra GB drive that was designed to plug right into your phone (I have an IPhone, Android users can connect through a cable) and download your pictures, with the help of a free app of course. Could I have finally found my picture savior? Let me tell you how amazed and happy I am.Picture Keeper Connect

This little USB stick fits perfectly in my purse or bag when I travel. With one movement you can take your pictures from your phone to your computer or back to your phone if you need them. This little gadget is going to be a game changer for people like me (and well, probably everyone else on the planet who takes pictures).

Picture Keeper is easy to use and really does help your protect your pictures (and videos) all with one handy device. The app allows you to restore old backups and create new ones as you need. In today’s technology driven world we could use that peace of mind that our memories are backed up and secure. It is also that the non-techy person in your life can use with ease. Perfect for gift ideas!

I have two ways for you to get your own Picture Keeper:

1: Enter the code TheMixingBowl20 on the Picture Keeper Website here to save 20% on a Picture Keeper Connect device with free shipping

2: Enter to win your own Picture Keeper in the giveaway below! One person will win and giveaway ends 8/10/16 at 11:59pm.

How cool is this little device?

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