A More Passionate Marriage

A More Passionate Marriage

Another honest moment here….marriage is hard. Relationships in general are hard but keeping a marriage together is hard. Even if you do not know that already, our 2014 divorce rate was 46% in the US, quite a staggering number. Being married and happy while in that bond take time, work, and effort from both parties involved.

Of all the statements spoken when a marriage fails, a predominant one is “We lost our passion”. Well, that could be taken a lot of ways but passion plays such a big role in our daily lives that is makes sense that passions plays an integral role in a marriage as well. A passionate marriage is one of the definitions of a successful marriage. We when first fall in love our relationship is based a lot on passion, and every person has their own definition of the word. A marriage without passion is not truly a marriage according to experts.

Then of course, there are lots of opinions out there on how to keep the passion alive in your marriage.

Experts, family, friends, and neighbors all have their own ideas of what a passionate marriage is and many are more than happy to tell you how to keep it alive. Some advice is quite practical, other statements are so farfetched your question the speaker’s sanity. Some ideas may work for your relationship, many others will not, especially if it’s based solely on another’s relationship. More Passion in Your Marriage

True passion in a marriage must be constantly worked on by both people and be based off yourselves, not the advice of others. Now, that does not mean you couldn’t take an idea or five and modify them to fit your relationship, and there is good advice out there.

I have read a lot of relationship books to try and gain some insight and most of what I read I forget about the next day because it does not stand out as real advice. The latest book that I read however really put passion into perspective and used real life situations and data to show passion is alive in the world and how to incorporate it more in your marriage.

The Mediterranean Love Plan by Stephen and Misty Arterburn uses prudent examples to give married couples 7 secrets that the countries around the Mediterranean use to keep passion alive in their marriages. The ideas are simple and usually overlooked in American culture. I mean, one of the 7 secrets revolves around more play in your life. Such a simple idea that is forgotten as we become adults and have responsibilities but so easy to achieve if you want to.Mediterranean Love Plan Excerpt

Stephen and Misty put their experience as well as the experience of other married couples to paper to help you achieve more passion today and every day. The secrets are truly easy to achieve and in my opinion just needed to be pointed out again. The pair shares easy tactics to achieve these secrets at the end of each chapter. The book is easy to read and does inspire you to be more present and passionate with each page that you read. I could go on and on about it but I do not want to spoil the book.

You can find the book here for purchase and you can enter to win your own copy here. You will not be disappointed in this book. Happy marriages and relationships to all.

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