New Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap Review and Giveaway

*I am a Purex Insider and was given a product for free to test out in exchange for my honest opinions. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone*

With kids running around the house and all this cold weather nose-running and coughing going around I want to know that their hands are clean (mine and my hubby’s as well) after washing! Truth be told I have always looked for antibacterial hand soaps and in the past have used other brands that have seemed to work. But, this new Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soap is something you can feel working and you are just assured that your hands are clean after washing.

Dial Deep Cleansing Water Blossom

Dial Deep Cleansing Hand Soaps is a premium soap from a well known company. It comes in 3 amazing scents, that stand out from the normal hand soap crowd for their vibrant scents that last on your hands after washing. I was lucky enough to try the Water Blossom and Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar scents. I liked them both a lot but LOVED the Yellow Raspberry and Black Sugar. It was such a different scent that made the entire kitchen smell good.  The third flavor is Coconut Lime Verbena which we will be trying next. or your hands every time you wash.

Dial Depp Cleansing Yellow Raspberry & Black Sugar-MBS


These soaps come in a newly designed bottle that is easy to handle, even for the kids. The colors are vibrant so there is no guessing about what it is….it’s soap! It is also full of moisturizing beads and micro-scrubbers that you feel working right away. It’s an exfoliant for your hands every time you wash. So far I am in love with this new family hand soap and plan to keep it around, especially during the cold and flu season. I just can’t say enough about them without boring you, you need to try them for yourself!

Dial Deep Cleansing Microbeads-MBS

Are you ready for the next level of clean hands? Then enter below to win 1 of 3 Free Product Coupons.  The giveaway will end Friday so I can get the coupons in the mail as they do expire 3/31/2014. Good Luck everyone!!

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