Natural Mosquito Protection You Can Count On

Natural Mosquito Protection You Can Count On

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It’s summer! We have finally hit our high temps and humidity. I know a lot of people do not like it but this weather is one of my favorite parts of Michigan weather. Actually, I love just about everything about Michigan’s weather, except maybe the 4 seasons in one day stuff.

Summer is about playing outside, hiking and seeing parts of nature that are the most vibrant in the heat, and getting wet. My favorite of these getting out and hiking with the family. It’s a great way to get some exercise in and experience a side of nature that not everyone gets too. The problem? Bugs! Most bugs I can handle but mosquitos are my arch nemesis.

I know what you are thinking….there are mosquitoes everywhere and you are right. Living in a damp climate like Michigan means we battle mosquitoes just about every day and I hate them. They seem to be more prevalent in wooded areas though so that makes hiking an even more dangerous activity for mosquito bites.

There are a lot of products and sprays on the market designed to help you prevent these itchy, annoying little mosquito bites. Growing up my mom would dose in one spray or another and send us out to play. A few of those sprays were effective, some were not, and in the end they were full of chemicals and other additives to basically make you unappealing to the mosquito. Yet, no matter the spray one little rebel biter would usually get through, biting my sister most likely. And I hated smelling like bug spray.

Para'kito at work

When it came time to start getting my little ones outside, I wanted a product that was not as harsh as those sprays and that worked all the time. Now, there are areas where the more powerful sprays are a requirement, but those are very rare places. Most places do not need such heavy duty treatment. There have also been a lot of new products on the market since I was a kid. There are bracelets, natural sprays, clips, and portable machines.

I have tried a lot of these mosquito repellents personally. I tried the random bracelet, the clip on fan that was a waste and even a portable repellent that was awkward and difficult to carry with me. No matter the option, they would were not what we wanted. I wanted something more.

Then I was introduced to Para’kito, the reusable, natural mosquito repellent bracelet. Yes, another bracelet, but this one is different. And it works! My hubby even wore it out into the woods at our cabin solo and did not get one bite! This is a cloth bracelet that is easy to wear without having all the oils or ingredients of the repellent just sitting on your skin. The bracelet comes with repellent pads that you change out every 15 days of use. The pads are strong, full of NATURAL essential oils, and a slow release technology that gives you long lasting protection.  The oil blend is designed to interfere with and prevent the mosquito’s sense of smell (making you essentially invisible). The band itself is waterproof and can be worn anywhere on the body or your gear and still protect you.

Parakito bracelet

This bracelet has become a new favorite on our house. It does not keep mosquitoes away so you will still see and be buzzed by them but they will not land on you, at least not on purpose. And yes, there is still the occasional bite but it has only happened in the most densely mosquito populated areas. I think this is a must for anyone who loves being outdoors but hates mosquitoes. Para’kito also has other products that you can add to your collection. They have kids specific bands, roll-on gels (best for the densely populated areas), and one use 5 hours of protection.

Find out more about Para’kito here and follow them on social media to learn more. Facebook: parakitoUSA, Twitter: @parakitoUSA, and Instagram: parakitoworld.

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