Get Your Must Have Music for Workouts

Get Your Must Have Music for Workouts

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I don’t know about you but when I work out there has to be music playing. Music keeps things upbeat and the right music can motivate and set your pace. I love a good mix between rock songs where the beat and drums keep you going and pop music that is fast paced and motivating. But in order to get great music you need great headphones.

No one wants to be connected to their phones or MP3 players so a wireless headphone is a must. If you are going to use it for anything outside it also has to be weather resistant. A good set of sport headphones will be able to withstand wind, water, heat, and of course sweat and continue to pump out the music. What else do they need?

They must be loud and clear. You should be able to turn up the jams and still be able to understand the music without any static or muting. They must get loud for me, the louder the better! It makes me think I am singing way better than I really am.

And what if they could add just a little bit of extra safety by being reflective? I would take that any day since most of my workout take place super early in the morning or late at night with the kids.

Sound like a great set of headphones? Let me tell you from experience that they are. All these qualities come with the Jabra Sport Pace wireless headphones. The have great sound, miWorkout with the Jabra Sport Pacene are a fun reflective yellow, they are comfortable to wear, and they are weather/sweat proof.

The Jabra Sport Pace are a short corded headphone so you do not have to worry about cords hanging or getting in your way. I love the lightweight feeling of the headset and the fact that I can run or bike and forget that I am wearing them. They do only have a 5 hour battery life which is short for the day but long enough to get a good workout in. The Sport Pace are also designed to connect with the Jabra workout app or many other apps on the market to give you your stats and updates as you are on the go. That is really cool to me because I have never had a headset that could do that.

The Jabra Sport Pace has become my newest go to for workouts. I think you will like these headphones as much as I do if you just give them a chance. Check them out here on Amazon and let me know what you think.

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  • I really like these headphones. I need to get a pair and they are not big and bulky and can be great to take running and walking so much easier!

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