Making the Most of Little Moments with Huggies

Making the Most of Little Moments with Huggies

It seems like just yesterday my kids were born and I was on this journey called motherhood. The last few years have flown by and though the kids keep getting bigger and more independent it’s even more important to cherish the little moments and enjoy my time with my kids.Making Memories

My youngest is just a little over 3 and I can’t imagine that in less than 2 years she will be starting school. With this thought in the back of my mind I approach every day knowing that memories created today will last a lifetime for me, even if she does not remember. This means being on the go and having adventures that can only happen when you are away from home. While this is a great time overall, since she is mid potty training it makes being away form a bathroom hard sometimes.

That’s where my Huggies Pull-Ups come in very handy. The Pull-Ups that I travel with helps me keep her dry and clean while allowing us the time to enjoy our adventure and less stress over finding a bathroom. The Pull-Ups with their Velcro sides make changing her little bottom easy. My other mommy’s helper is the new Huggies One and Done wipes. One wipe cleans up a lot mess and they are also quite easy to travel with. Huggies gives me the freedom to have fun and live in the moment, without a worry for her bottom.Huggies Products

Have you ever used these products? Well, if you are a parent you know the importance of good and easy to use diapers/wipes. Without good products it is nearly impossible to get through the day because you are always worrying about something: Is the diaper/pull-up going to leak? Can I keep her bottom dry? Will I be able to clean her up easy? Where is the nearest bathroom so I don’t get to far away? Sound familiar? These are common questions that I used to have before Huggies. I no longer live with these question when I leave the house.Huggies at Sam's Club

Huggies has been a lifesaver for me and for my little one who is fighting potty training ever chance she gets. It allows me freedom and peace of mind and I am loving the memories that my family is creating without free of getting too far from a bathroom. And buying Huggies just got cheaper. If you bundle your purchases at Sam’s Club you can instantly save $10 or $18 off two or three package purchase. With prices that are already better than other stores, you now save more. Head over to your local Sam’s Club, stock up on your Huggies needs, save some money, and make those memories.

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  • I don’t know if my niece is using huggies or not but going to let her know about what she can save at Sams. You are so right moments go so fast babies to toddlers over night. My great nieces is 10 months old she is growning so fast.

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