Make any Cup of Coffee a Good One – Ninja Coffee Bar

Make any Cup of Coffee a Good One – Ninja Coffee Bar

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No matter what day of the week it is you will wake up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee in my house. It is a mandatory morning ritual that not only helps me (and my husband) get our mornings started but I simply love coffee, the aroma, the taste, and all the fun things you can do with it. I should clarify though and say that I love good coffee.  A good cup of coffee makes the world go-round. Ninja Coffee Bar System


Yet, even a middle of the road coffee can be a welcoming sight when it is prepared correctly.  And you don’t need a bunch of different machines around your house to make that happen. My newest coffee love is actually my coffee maker, the new Ninja coffee bar system. This machine has everything you could want to make every coffee a good cup of coffee right at home with a range of size options available. There is an extendable coffee mug platform for your single cup sizes so that your coffee does not splatter.

Ninja Coffee Bar Water Reservoir

Ninja Coffee Bar Brew Options

The Ninja Coffee Bar has so many features it’s hard to write about. I love the fact that there are 5 different size options for cups and you can make coffee or just get hot water for tea. Just like all good coffeemakers you can set the timer function to brew on demand which is a must. Then there are the two brewing options! Since I prefer a dark roast over other roasts, the rich brew function is ideal. It allows me to get a rich cup of coffee from any grounds that I choose. Oh, and don’t forget the frother. I do not use the frother often but the few times I have I have loved the creamy, whipped addition to my cup of coffee. Not to mention the attached coffee scoop to get the perfect cup, no matter the size, every time.

Ninja Coffee Bar Removal-able Coffee Filter

Ninja Coffee Bar CarafeWhile we have only had the machine for a little while I could not imagine my mornings without it. Coffee is my lifeline as a full time working, and I like my coffee dark, hot, and ready to go when I need it. The size options are great because I can prepare a cup for me whenever I want one and the full carafe function takes all the guesswork out of my husband and I getting ready in the morning. I love the attached scoop so I know my cup is made with the perfect amount of coffee. I am also in love with the clean light and function! It tells me when to clean my Ninja, taking all the guesswork out of it, and its super easy. My brewer stays clean and my coffee stays tasting great.Ninja Coffee Bar Coffee ScoopNinja Coffee Bar Cup Extender

What do you think? Can you see the Ninja coffee bar taking up residence in your house? If you only give a little chance I am sure you will love it as much as I have. Check out the website here for more information and where to buy your own.

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