Looking to “Ignite” Your Weight Loss?

*This post contains products that were received complimentary for review purposes. The opinions expressed are mine and mine alone and may differ from yours.*

I bet you are tired of hearing about my “2 under 2” kids and just what a crazy adventure that has been huh? Well, this post is to tell you about a weight loss aid that really helped me in my quest to get my body back after the kids. I feel like this is just what I needed after back to back pregnancies did not leave me much time to get back into pre-pregnancy shape.

Let me introduce you to Ignite. Ignite is a dietary supplement from Optinutrients that is a combination of garcinia cambogia (a widely known supplement in weight loss) and a leptin support formula that together will help you burn more fat. What is leptin you may be asking? Well, leptin is a hormone that helps control weight loss. When you start eating less you levels of leptin drop and weight loss is not as easy. Optinutrients help combat the weight loss and appetite suppressing side of garcinia cambogia by adding a leptin boosting complex. Together you have a higher chance of successful weight loss.

IgniteHow do you use it? It’s quite simple actually. For the first 1-2 weeks, called a starter dose, you take one capsule 30 minutes before breakfast and then 30 minutes before lunch. This allows the body to start prepare for a leptin balance within the body, something that most people don’t have. After your started dose you take 2 capsules 30 minutes before breakfast and then again before lunch. Sounds easy right? Now, before I tell you about my results, I want to stress that a lot of research and medical information went into the production of Ignite and I read the entire guide (which is too much to put here) so if you have any specific questions I would be happy to give you more information.


My results: The first day I started taking Ignite I got on my scale and had these numbers (no judging): weight was 187.7 and body fat was 37.4%! Yikes, I did not like those numbers. I proceeded with my starter dose, lasting a week and a half and then moved up to the full dose. After taking Ignite for a month my numbers are: weight of 182 and body fat of 23.4%! I lost 5.7 pounds and an astounding 14% body fat! I am amazed!

Two quick things before I continue: 1: Healthy weight loss is 1-2 pounds a week and not more than that. 2: Fat takes up more space on your body than muscle (read more about fat/muscle makeup here.) Bottom line: Don’t be fooled by rapid and huge numbers in weight loss, they are often deceiving.

That being said I lost a healthy amount of weight and I can see a huge difference in my body! I did not take before and after pics because the before pic was just so horrible but I will take one now and track the changes from here on out! These results show me that Ignite works. My clothes fitting better (even down one size in shirts) and my appetite being under control also show me that Ignite works! The only thing that I did in combination with Ignite was follow a low-carb diet. I barely have time to breathe so adding an exercise routine into the mix was out for the moment but I think I will add one soon and see what kind of results I can achieve.

I know that I plan to keep using Ignite and I will keep you all posted of my results when there is something significant to report but I really think you should try it for yourself! You can buy it on Amazon here and it even comes with a 365 day guarantee! That is unheard off so how could you go wrong =).

What do you think about a supplement like this?

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