Let’s Celebrate the Viral Holidays of the Year

Let’s Celebrate the Viral Holidays of the Year

Its 2018: Everything is celebrated! You have heard it lots of times….today is Pi(e) Day…did you know that today is National Popcorn Day and so on and so on. Even the news outlets have gotten a hold of and hold sacred these holidays.

While these days are not our normal holidays, the viral holidays as they are known can be just as fun to celebrate and you can use them as a great reason to get together with friends and family.

So, the real question is how many viral holidays do you know? I admit that after seeing the lists, I do now and I am blown away but just how many there are! Every month has 5 or more that you can pick and choose from so pick one, two, or them all and truly celebrate what you love.

I am excited to say that every month for all of 2108 I get to share with you my favorite viral holidays of the month and why they are awesome! Be sure you check out the holiday tracker at National Today to see all the holidays for the month, not just my favorites.

National Holiday

Since its January and we still have some time left, let’s start there:

-January 23rd: National Pie Day…the real pie day. I am not the biggest fan of pie overall but you put a fresh Dutch apple or peach pie in front of me with some whip cream and watch out! Those are two or my favorite and I promise I cannot keep away from them!

-January 26th: National Spouses Day. A little lovey dovey I know but I love a good reason to celebrate my husband! He is a great man and while it really only means a quiet dinner out, I’ll take it because it’s special for me too.

-January 31: National Hot Chocolate Day. I love a good hot chocolate. Winters in Michigan can be so cold and dreary and all that can be cured with a good hot chocolate (again with some whip cream…see a pattern). So boil some milk (or water if you’re weird) and have a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate today. I will be for sure.

National Hot Chocolate Day

I know January is almost over so there were not a ton of days to choose from but I will have many more in the coming months. Be sure to see my favorite viral holidays on Instagram because I will be announcing them there and here. Check out the calendar on National Today and let me know your favorite January viral holidays.

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