Learn the Stock Market and Build a Future with Stockpile

Learn the Stock Market and Build a Future with Stockpile

Part of being a working woman is being prepared for the future. Besides loving the work that I do, working allows me to provide for my family now and plan for my future later when I decide I am done working. Now, most employers have a retirement plan (ours is a 403b because we are a non-profit) and that plan is based on stocks. The company running the retirement plan invents your pay check contribution into various stocks selected by your employer. Well, what if you had more control over where your money went?

I admit that I really have no idea what I am doing when it comes to stocks which is probably why I have always just let my retirement company take care of it for me. Is it the best for my financial future? I am not sure but I trust so. So what is a woman supposed to do if she wants more control or wants to prepare the younger generation for financial success?


You probably read that and were like Stockpile, what is that? Well, Stockpile is a website (and an app) that allows you to act as a stock trader. It is an active trading website, at a low price of $0.99 a trade, but you can spend as little or as much as you want. What does that mean you’re thinking? Well, if you only have $20 to spend, you can still buy a stock portion in Apple, you don’t have to buy a full share of the stock at a time.

Stockpile Website

What this really means is anyone can learn the stock market at a price that is accessible for most people. It also means that younger people can learn as well. This is important to me as my husband and I have been talking for years about getting my step-daughter involved in stock of some sort. She is not a big spender and tends to get money for birthdays/holidays at her age and we want to give her something constructive to do with it. There are only so many Littlest Pet Shops you can buy right?

I had the chance to try out Stockpile before letting my step-daughter loose and I have to say that I am impressed. I love that you can invest in well-known brands with limited funds and that trading is such a low price. Stockpile also steps it up by tutorials on the website that help you learn about the stock market and the ups and downs of trading. They make the stock market so easy.stockpile-custodial-accounts

Stockpile is also very realistic in their approach. Since not everyone has a lot of money to start with they allow for gift cards to be bought as gifts. When you are looking for a unique gift that has lifelong learning attached, Stockpile really stands out.

Stockpile is a good way to get accustomed to the stock market and learn skills that few people have. Stockpile teaches you everything you need to know at no charge and since you can trade in partial stocks there is very little to lsoe. Check out Stockpile here and get a free $5 to start trading with. Then start accounts for your kids to play and learn with. You will not be disappointed.

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