Lärabar Varieties for the Whole Family

Lärabar Varieties for the Whole Family

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Eating healthy gets harder and harder everyday. There are so many fast food options that are appealing to both kids and parents alike. Then there are all the sweet treats and salty snacks that line the aisles of the grcery store. Eating healthy is important and if you can find a brand that embodies both tasty and healthy you know you have found a winner.

Lärabar is one of those brands! If you have not tried their fruit and nut bars or bites yet then you have no idea what your are missing. The Lärabar brand is gluten free, dairy free, vegan, kosher and many bars are soy free so there is even an option for allergy needs.

These are 4 of the top flavors that are sure to satisfy everyone:LaraBar

  1. Apple Pie: This is by far my favorite flavor! The bar is combination of apples, raisins, dates, and almonds in a bar that truly does taste like eating a slice apple pie by hand.
  2. Peanut Butter Cookie: Simple and basic with peanuts and dates. That is all that makes up this tasty bar. If you love peanut butter this is the bar for you.
  3. Cashew Cookie: This is my hubby’s favorite because he loves cashews and I am indifferent. This bar is made of cashews and dates and that is it. It is a very nutty, robust flavor that is perfect for the cashew lover in your life.
  4. Chocolate Macaroon Bites: These are perfect for kids and snacks. They are balls of chocolate, almonds, and coconut in a handy bite size ball that can be eaten just about anywhere. These are perfect for on the go.

I love how natural and simple Lärabar bars and bites are. They are filling, healthy, and easy to take with you. The bars are a perfect lunch box addition for some extra protein in a small size for school age kids. There is not a lot of time at lunch for kids and having a smaller amount of food that packs the same punch has been essential for my daughter.

My husband and I love them for a quick breakfast bar in the morning when we are always running around crazy. They are easy to grab and go and eat at home or in the car.LaraBar at Sam's Club

Lärabar is a must for the whole family. And now my top flavors are all available at Sam’s Club for the club price and bulk quantity. The bars are so new to my area actually I had to have them open the pallet so I could buy them. Buying in bulk makes sure that you always have your Lärabar’s on hand and a healthy snack is within reach. Head over to your local Sam’s Club and pick some up before the summer is over and the school year begins to ensure a healthy start.

What flavor are you most interested in?

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