Keeping Hardwood Floors Clean is Hard

Keeping Hardwood Floors Clean is Hard

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When we first bought our house the one thing we knew we wanted was hard wood floors, at least in the back part of the house. It was a must and nothing was going to change my mind on the matter. Well, I had never had hardwood floors and kids together in one house at the same time before and it was a bit crazy. If I would have known how hard it was to keep those floors clean with 2 toddlers, a pre-teen, a dog, and a husband running around I may have changed my mind.Shark Genius Water Reservoir

It never mattered how much I swept or vacuumed my floors (with a hardwood acceptable vacuum) they still looked dingy and unclean. Even mopping they left something to be desired. I wanted them to be not only clean, but look nice and not like a toddler spilled her glass of milk on them an hour ago. I was at a loss and had been for a while. I needed a better option.Shark Genius Water Cup

It was after some hardwood floor turmoil in my life I was introduced to steam cleaning for hardwood floors. Shark, the well-known vacuum brand, had a steam cleaner mop that was designed just to revitalize, sanitize, and give you clean hardwood floors.  The Shark Genius Steam Mop was so easy to use and made such a difference in my floor I could not believe that I did not know about it before.Shark Genius Mop Pad Cage

The steam mop is very easy to use. It has a dual sided pad to really get your floors clean and is run by a little bit of water you add to the reservoir. All you do is mop as normal and let the steam do all the work. Easy right? There is even a steam jet that you can use to get those tough spots off the floors without adding a lot of extra effort to scrubbing. There are three different degree settings so you can steam your floors lightly on the low setting or set it to the high setting for a deeper clean. Check out these mop pad before and after shots:


Shark Genius Mop Pad AfterShark Genius Mop Pad Before









My hardwood floors have never looked better. They are shiny, stuck-on debris free, and they feel so nice to walk on. Cleaning them with the Shark Genius is quick, easy, and definitely effective. Even when I thought my floors where clean, this Shark proved me wrong and I could not be happier. All it takes to get that deep down clean of your hardwoods is a little water, some electricity, and a Shark Genius.

Check out the Shark Genius Steam Mop on their website here and with just one use see how nice your floors can be.

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