Keep All Bottoms Clean with Cottonelle

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What a catchy title right? Yea, there are parts of being a mother that no one really want to talk about but after having a baby in your life for as little as a few days, poop becomes a pretty common topic of conversation. You all know the questions: Did she poop today?  Is she poopy?  What’s that smell? and on and on and on. Truth is even when they are out of diapers and potty trained the poop questions do not stop. The biggest one in my house behind Did you wash your hands? is Did you wipe?Cottonelle Fresh Care Wipes

Boys are disgusting, especially when it comes to the bathroom.  If you have a son or even a brother you probably can relate whole-heartedly to that statement. It has been a challenge with my son for awhile. Of course I want him to be cleaner all around but I can settle on him taking care of business in the bathroom. This really mean cleaning his bottom well, a huge task.

When my son was potty training he was not a fan of pooping on the potty. Most kids are not but he just wanted nothing to do with it. We tried a lot of things but what really got him interested was using a wet wipe to clean up with. Turns out that he was not a fan of toilet paper (and neither was I really when I saw how little it helped him) and wanted that clean like a baby wipe feeling after using the potty.

I can understand that! Now, there are many different wipes on the market, some are designed for kids and some for adults, and after some trial and error it was obvious they are not all effective: either in clean-up or cost. There are a couple that I like for various reasons but my favorite is Cottonelle FreshCare Cloths. Cottonelle is my favorite not only because it works, and works well I might add, but it’s a cleaning cloth the whole family can use.Cottonelle Wipes in new Flip Lid

Cottonelle FreshCare Cloths is designed with clean ripple, gentle ridges on the cloths that really get bottoms clean. Cottonelle has really made their wipes effective with their clean ripple design and my whole family loves them. They are lightweight with a nice fresh fragrance and of course flushable! The fresh care wipes now come in a flip lid package that is designed to keep your cloths wet and fresher longer. Just a note that while the flip lid is a nice addition to keeping your wipes longer, it may be difficult for kids to use.Since bringing Cottonelle home they have been a huge hit and now that is all family will use. Cottonelle at Sam's Club

Do you think Cottonelle FreshCare Cloths is a good fit for your family? I do! I love having them in my bathroom and am confident that all the bottoms in my house are clean! Head over to Sam’s Club and check them out. With the Sam’s Club packaging you can 462 cloths in individual packages for use at home or on the go. So make sure you are a member for this and other other great deals here!!

What do you think of Cottonelle and the clean ripple technology?

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