Junior Olympics in Our Town

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Spring has finally sprung here in Michigan. It seemed to take forever this year but it is finally here and that means more time outside and more adventures on the horizon.

Today was our first real outing with the nice weather is the Royal Oak Junior Olympics. When my step-daughter came home with the invite to be a part of the tug of war team a few weeks ago I had no idea that we even had a junior Olympics. Let me tell you how excited she was. It was an honor and privileged to be invited and she was going to be ready. She did hand exercises to strengthen her hands and worked on pulling on a rope against a tree. Talk about dedication.

Well, tonight was the night and she was so excited that is all she could talk about. Let our adventure begin. She fueled up with a new Robinson’s Fruit Shoot®. Fruit Shoot is a new on the go fruit juice drink that has no artificial flavors or added sugar and come in super fun fruit flavors. The drink is not only tasty but give my kids a boost to jump right in. She loved the boost that Fruit Shoot gave her and I could see how it helped her work so hard in the tug-o-war. She had the honor of being the anchor and after multiple hard battles they came in first! It was an awesome experience. The first thing she asked for when she was done was another Fruit Shoot! I guess that makes it a winner for our house.Our Junior Olympics

To cheer her on the whole family tagged along and cheered. The little ones really liked seeing their big sister compete and having the chance to be on bleachers for the first time. They got to me new people, be loud and crazy like they are and enjoy a Fruit Shoot of their own. The whole night was a lot of fun.

Where is you next adventure? With Fruit Shoot in tow anything is possible and you can be happy knowing there is nothing but good in the resealable bottle that you kids will love. Check out the Fruit Shoot Facebook page and website for so much more information and inspirations.

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