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Life is difficult. There are daily struggles and situations that test our patience and more importantly our faith every day. With all the negative in the world that surrounds us regularly it is a good idea to have a place where you can go and reset after the daily grind. A place that allows you to calm down from the daily struggles, listen to God and the world around us, reconnect with loved ones and nature, and just breathe.Backyard

That place for me is my backyard. My husband and I bought our house two and half years ago and have spent most of the last two summers changing the landscape and decor of our backyard. We have worked hard to create a more secluded, calm, quiet , refreshing space that we can go to and sit. Living in the suburbs means we need a space that you can escape too.  And after months of hard work we have accomplished our goal.

StonesWe mixed colors and styles of trees, shrubs, and flowers so our space would be appealing to both the eyes and the senses.  We then added additional garden decor that reminded us of who were are inside. Our garden decor includes a variety of garden stones, both made by our children and bought. A few of those stones include God’s word and message to inspired us daily.

The sights, sounds, and sayings combine to heal the soul and brighten the spirit and heal us from the daily grind. All theses aspects are important to remind us of how we should live and be strong in God. A reset that is needed often. It’s not a big area, it’s not flashy but it’s ours. It is ours.

Our garden in our sanctuary and escape from the negatives of life. Do you have a spot like that? If not you should, and the sooner the better.

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