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I Could Only ImagineWe live in very complicated times. Life is moving faster than ever and we as a world are more connected than ever. Sometimes I feel all our connectivity has become a hindrance in our lives as my whole life is personally encompassed with technology. Don’t get me wrong here. I love social media and having friends around the world I can learn from and have discussions with but it is a lot.

I could only imagine no internet or social media. Well, I can actually more than imagine it because I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s where there was little internet, cell phones were not really a thing and I did not have my first email address until high school. Those were simpler times where you relied on your social skills to make and keep friends and had to actually get outside the house to learn/do anything. It was a great childhood and I feel I am way more street smart and better off because I did not grow up on technology alone.

Having been through a time without technology I have an idea of what life would be like today without it. But, so many components of our life is based on technology (think thermostats, coffee pots, mobile deposit capture, and video monitors), and of course our phones, I don’t think life would be the same as it would be in the 80’s. I could only imagine what it would be. Sure, life would start to get simpler but I think we are forever changed. Once you have something (i.e. technology) you want more, hence the major advancements we have experienced. Could you see the riots breaking out? I can!

But, it would make us as a society get out and meet our neighbors more and actually have a real social life versus an online one. We would be back to face to face dating instead of websites alone (and I’m not saying they are a horrible thing). We would have to get outside and play. The whole world can enjoy nature, less rushed times, and simple living again.

I could only imagine a world so old school. I know in my heart it will never happen to this degree but a decrease in technology might not be a bad idea. Reconnect with family and friends and get out there an meet a new neighbor or two. Remember a time that was simpler and try and show your kids what that can be. Technology is not everything.

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