The New Frontier in Printing: HP Amp 100 Printer

The New Frontier in Printing: HP Amp 100 Printer

As technology progresses, it amazes me just how far we have come in such a limited time. The newest technologies combine everyday functions in one sleek piece of technology. With the prevalence of phones and cellular technology, having other devices around that can be controlled by our phones only entices more advances in technology.

So you’re probably thinking that I am stating a bit of the obvious. Well, yes, we all know that technology has only gotten better over the years and that our phones have become a main source of control for most technology. I have to admit, my phone has been mostly used to control Bluetooth speakers and apps. I know it can do so much more but I feel like the technology for the lay person has not always been there.

Until now!Amp 100 Printer

The new HP printer has everything a lay person could want in one piece of technology with enough bells and whistles to be fun for technology aficionados alike. As a mother of a pre-teen who’s school work revolves around various forms of technology, having one item that gives keeps everyone happy is the only way to go. HP AMP 100

The newest printer from HP, the Amp 100 is a combination speaker, phone, printer, and all around on the go machine. The main function is obviously as a printer but there is so much  more to the Amp 100. The top of the printer is a Bluetooth speaker, one of the biggest I have ever seen! It also is a fully functional printer, already ready for Instant Ink use, that can do one really amazing thing: it can print right from your phone! Speaker Ability of Amp 100

The Amp 100 is taking the printer market in a whole new direction. The speaker is load and clear, the print quality is better then expected, and the ability to control entirely from your phone is purely amazing. This printer is topnotch and I have to admit that I am quite amazed by all the capabilities of it. I never expected to have this level of control of my printer from my phone before and I love it! A bonus feature that I love, there is an USB port built right into the printer to charge your phone or any other electronic charged by a USB. The ability to charge your phone and having a speaker built into one unit is unique and space saving. One item that can do many things, it simply makes me happy! USB Port Amp 100

HP has really stepped up their game this time and created a printer that is not only perfect for the home, but a great addition for any student away at college. Being able to incorporate so many features in one little printer that can also be space saving could not have come at a better time. Learn more about the new HP Amp 100 here and see for yourself why this printer can not be beat.


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