Green Chef: Fresh, Healthy Meals in no Time

Green Chef: Fresh, Healthy Meals in no Time

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We all need it so survive and most of us really love the whole eating food part. I know that I really enjoy the eating part of meals. Especially if it’s good food.

As a working mom, finding the time to create healthy, tasty meals for the family can be difficult. It never fails that dinner time comes around and either I am missing vital ingredients for the meal or dinner is going to take too long to prep and prepare. More times than I can count I have had to rely on prepackaged sides to meals or simply broke down and ordered carry out. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with either one of those options, but relying on them too often can limit the fresh healthy ingredients that your family needs.

Hey busy people: it’s time to forget multiple grocery stores trips and hours of valuable time prepping meals for the week! Green Chef has arrived on the market to help us all (especially us moms wanted better food for our families!)Green Chef Dijon Maple Chicken

Green Chef is an organic meal delivery service that sends meal boxes right to your door and has really stepped up the meal delivery service game. Green Chef is a certified organic service and literally comes with everything you need for your meal, in already pre-measured quantities, except some cooking oil, salt/pepper, and a few random items.Green Chef Five Spice Pork

I have to admit that I have tried some other home delivery services before and was not impressed. The amount of work you had to put into the meal was absurd in my opinion. Green Chef changed my mind just by looking at the meal kits. I loved how fresh the ingredients were, the fact that everything was already pre-packed to go (think no grating a block of cheese or mixing sauces), the grains were whole grains, and the flavors were so unique. Not to mention, the directions were all very easy to follow, my daughter was able to follow them, and dinner was ready quick, around 30-45 minutes for each meal. Talk about getting great food to the table fast for a hungry family.Green Chef Tuna Au Poivre

Green Chef is all about natural, organic food and good for the environment packaging. Everything that came with the box of ingredients was reusable in some sort. The ice packs could be used in lunches, the outer wrap is designed to go in your compost, and the boxes/plastic containers are recyclable. A truly good for you and the environment meal service.Green Chef Compostable Material

To try out Green Chef I chose the 2 person Carnivore option. Our meals for the week were Tuna Au Poivre, Five-Spice Pork, and Dijon-Maple Chicken. Each meal was well seasoned, easy to make, and every one of them had a new ingredient that we had never had. I was able to try parsnips, endive, and bulgur wheat as completely new ingredients to my meals. Even my picky husband enjoyed the meals, which alone is a glowing review of the food Green Chef offers with their service.

Are you hungry yet? Just reliving these meals for you is making me hungry. Green Chef not only opened our food horizons but made this busy working mom happy about the meals her family is eating. Green Chef has many different meal plan options to choose from so check out the Green Chef website here, get $50 off your first box, and learn more. While there be sure to check out all their social media happenings. They are fun to watch and drool over!

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