Goldfish Swim Schools Teach Life Lessons around Busy Moms

Goldfish Swim Schools Teach Life Lessons around Busy Moms

Let’s talk schedules. As a mom my schedule is tightly packed, as a working mom, my schedule is even busier. It can be a lot of fun, seeing the kids grow and succeed in activities but it also quite exhausting. I try very hard to stick to my schedule but just as in everything, life throws some curve balls that make keeping appointments nearly impossible.

When selecting activities for my kids I look for opportunities that allow for those life happenings. I need to know that my patronage is important and that I am not just throwing money out the door on unrealistic expectations.

One of the best places for this is Goldfish Swim School. Not only does Goldfish teach your kids how to swim and how important water safety is (summer is coming) but they go out of their way to make the experience great for busy moms (all parents or grandparents alike).Goldfish Suit DryerGoldfish Hair Drying

So what are these amenities? Goldfish Swim School is equipped with activity areas, toys, books, and a huge chalkboard, to entertain kids while they wait for either their lesson or for a sibling to finish a lesson, allowing parents to keep everyone together and not have to schedule more pick-ups. And let’s not forget about the snacks and coffee always available for a good price. No more packing snacks and for those nights I need the extra pick me up, a pop or coffee usually does the trick.Goldfish SnacksGoldfish Beverages

After your lesson there are showers to clean off all the chlorine, equipped with shampoo waiting for you, and hair dryers for a finishing touch when you’re ready to leave (very important during those winter months).  One of my most favorite amenity is the swimsuit dryer that literally takes around a minute to dry your swimsuit. Why is that so amazing? It means all I have to do is dry towels and can wash our swim gear every other week! That saves me so much time. There are also little toys or coloring sheets which is a nice bonus and reminder of your lesson for the next day.Goldfish Play Area

What else could a busy mom ask for? Ok, maybe a chauffeur or a stunt double but if you are going to keep a busy schedule make sure you support companies that support busy moms. Goldfish Swim School has a lot to offer not only for kids but moms and parents alike. Check out the Goldfish Swim School website here for more information and to start your swimming adventure today.

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