A Natural, Gentle Eye Cream

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Let’s face it ladies we have to get older eventually right? And it’s no fun for anyone. To aid us in the age fight there are thousands of products on the market and you never really know which one is right for you or how aggressive you need to be to combat aging. Through research I have found that the early you start these anti-aging regimens the better and that you don’t have to buy the most aggressive anti-ageing product to get great results. If you are like me than you have probably tried hundreds on these products already and are looking for the right one. Well, what is right for me may not be right for you and vice-versa but it’s good to be informed. I personally dislike strong eye creams. They are too potent and almost always get in your eyes. The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive (think as thin as piece of paper) and harsh creams do more damage to that skin. And I don’t want to be dealing with cream side effects (eye sleepies, burning,etc) the next morning! Well, I have finally found a solution: Poppy Austin Eye Cream!

Poppy Austin Eye CreamThe Poppy Austin Eye Cream is the gentlest that I have every tried. It’s made of all natural and organic products and has no harsh chemicals added to it. There is no funny perfume smell when you use it just the eye cream. It goes on smooth and absorbs quickly. It’s gentle enough that there is no crazy morning side effects and you can see a difference in your eye area in about 3 weeks. Yes, it does take longer than some of the other eye creams claim to but it’s a little more time worth it for natural wrinkle reduction? I think so! In this world of chemicals I will take a natural product any day, even if results take longer. It’s safe enough to use everyday!  This has become one of my favorite beauty product!

This is also a good product for tired eyes and dark circles. With having 2 little ones in the house this is how I’ve been living the last 2 years, tired with puffy eyes and dark circles. After only a few days of using Poppy Austin I noticed a difference in the puffiness of my eyes. The looked and felt better! And that only got better with time as more results were visible (silly me didn’t take a before picture).

Quick Tip: When applying eye cream use your ring finger to do the dirty work. Why? Your ring finger is actually your weakest finger and it will be gentle to the sensitive eye skin when applying creams or makeup.

Not sure if the Poppy Austin Eye Cream is right for you? Check them out here and learn more for yourself!


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