Fermented Proteins: The Newest Health Craze

Fermented Proteins: The Newest Health Craze

No matter where you look, health trends are always changing. The newest one, and one I like a lot is fermented proteins. So, what is fermentation? Well, the process of fermentation is designed to convert sugars to byproducts that leave the food you are fermenting. You probably know it most commonly used in yogurt production. Fermentation allows for easier digestion and better absorption of key nutrients within the digestive system. So why ferment proteins? Fermented proteins allow your body to better absorb the actual amino acids it needs from the proteins to be healthier and stronger. If also allows for long term storage of food when a proper process occurs. Fermented proteins no only help you to get more out of your protein, it also helps to establish a healthy microbiome with in your digestive tract.

The long and the short of the matter: Fermentation allows for better absorption of key nutrients within the digestive system and has been used for hundreds of years to preserve and better nutrition through food.Fermented Vegan Protein Bars

I think this is great and you are probably wondering why should I care right? Well, we eat so much processed and “un-natural” foods in our modern day diets that we do not get proper nutrition in most cases, and many times we are destroying the natural flora that help us stay healthy. And, as a active person, I know how important my proteins are and getting the most from them is important, especially post work-out.

The leader in fermented proteins currently is Genuine Health, a Canadian based company, and they are leading the charge on why fermented proteins are more beneficial than other proteins. The product that I have recently tried and liked a lot is the Fermented Vegan Proteins. Fermented Vegan Proteins offer better absorption and a more balanced amino acid load then other proteins. They are easy to take and do not lead to bloating like some brands have for me in the past. The chocolate flavor is quite rich but I have always been a vanilla girl and am ok with the vanilla one.

Personally, I think it could use more vanilla flavor and I mix mine with almond milk to give it a more creamy texture then just water. The picture here is the vanilla fermented vegan protein in water. I was actually surprised at how full I was at 3+ hours after my drink. I really like food and eating so this surprised me when we went to dinner and I only ate a little. I also find the protein easy to mix in my morning smoothies, starting my day off right.Fermented Vegan Protein Powder

Interested in learning more? You will not be disappointed with the fermented vegan proteins (even if you choose the chocolate flavor haha) and not only will you feel good taking it, but you will be giving your nutrition a boost. Check out the Genuine Health website here for more information and to see all their products.

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  • This is something I’ve not heard of before. I like sauerkraut and kimchee which are fermented products.

  • We try to eat a lot of fermented foods, but I have not seen these bars or fermented protein before. Really interesting. I will be on the lookout for this.

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