Detroit: A Climbing Travel Hot Spot

Detroit: A Climbing Travel Hot Spot

Detroit is making a comeback. Don’t believe me? Even the Visit Detroit is calling us “America’s Great Comeback City” and you know what, it could not be truer. Growing up around Detroit was a different story then it is today. We would drive through the city with constant reminders to make sure the doors were locked and not to stay to long at a stop sign. Times have defiantly changed for the better and I could not be happier.

Detroit has always been a city of culture and adventure. There is always something going on downtown and you spend the day getting lost. The history of our great city is amazing and a lot of the new businesses coming to my city are rolling all that history with modern twists into a unique package that cannot be found many places. Detroit is also becoming a lot more family friendly with activities to entertain all ages.Double Tree FS Family Suites

So the question always is, after a day of play in Detroit do we drive home or find a place to stay in the beautiful city? With young kids we used to always opt for driving home but I just had the opportunity to tour and learn about, there is not a perfect family centered hotel to stay at downtown.Double Tree FS Executive Suite

A weekish ago, I had the honor of meeting with other Detroit bloggers and influencers to learn about the Double Tree Fort Shelby (FS) and other fun influencer information. The Travel and Lifestyle Detroit Event that I went too (which was amazing and you can search the hashtag #TLEDetroit on social media to see all the fun) was set at the Double Tree FS and I was blown away by the hotel and the event (more to come one the event soon!).Double Tree FS Gym

The Double Tree FS is celebrating its 100th birthday this year in a very historic building in downtown Detroit. The historic building was left empty for a long time until the Double Tree purchased the property ( the original building name was the Fort Shelby) and while the building required many updates, they did keep some of the charm of the original building, like the marble staircase you see when you enter. There is also an amazing ball room that has a ceiling to die for and the remnants of a stage that used to hold epic musical performances.Double Tree FS Ballroom Ceiling

The Double Tree FS is a hotel of suites ranging between 650-900 sq feet and since it’s a suite, you can put the kids to bed and still stay up without having to be silent. A great bonus for parents and something that I want everywhere I go. The hotel has a bar ready to serve you all day and the Motor City Kitchen which is perfect for breakfast (they close the rest of the day for (private parties). The gym is state of the art with some pretty neat view of the city. There is even a shuttle that will take you within 3 miles of the hotel! Another great bonus with little kids, less walking and whining! There are even fresh warm cookies when you enter the hotel. My kids would love those cookies.Motor City Restaurant

The Double Tree FS is really catering to families and encouraging visits to Detroit. Detroit has really progressed leaps and bounds to be a city that you want to visit. As Detroit becomes the social hotspot of southeastern Michigan, you will want to make sure you have a place to stay to play, relax, and enjoy everything this historic, beautiful city has to offer.

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