CycleBar is Now in Metro Detroit + giveaway

CycleBar is Now in Metro Detroit + giveaway

So we have all seen it in the movies…that really fit actress goes to the gym and into a cycle class. She pushes through it and sometimes even makes it look difficult to do. Wow, what a workout. You see it a few times and think I can do that……

Well, it is definitely not as easy as they make it look in the movies but if you have ever wanted to try it out you now can in the Metro Detroit Area!

That’s right, lace up those cycling shoes and get on that bike. And try not to die!

CycleBar has just opened in Troy and soon to be in Northville with options for a workout that will kick your butt, but will also strengthen you at the same time. A CycleBar is an upbeat continuous movement class that is all done on a bike. A class as the name suggests puts you on a bike but includes a weight bar for additional exercises while riding for a full body workout.CycleBar is Calling

Now, I have only biked with the family and with a large cushy seat so this was going to be interesting!

I got to experience a class first hand before the studio opened with an awesome instructor named T.J. He kept the whole room upbeat and inspired during our “ride” which lasted about 50 minutes. I left feeling exhausted but loving it at the same time (and all with a broken toe haha). The class was just amazing.

As I mentioned CycleBar has two new locations, Troy and Northville so be sure to check out their websites. CycleBar wants you to have a great experience and they make that happen. When you arrive they check you in and you get your shoes (you do not have to purchase shoes unless you want to) and get you set up with a locker. They have water and fruit for after the ride as well as a towel waiting for you on your bike. You don’t have to think to much about going to class. As a bonus for us busy moms, there is even a fully stocked shower to clean up after the ride, they even have razors and deodorant for you to use. I also found out that there are hair dryers and straighteners available if you need one. How cool is that? They are truly catering to their clientele. The space is a bit tight though so if you don’t want to clamor through bikes pick one in the front row.

CycleBar Troy

Still not convinced? Well, there are three different ways for you to try CycleBar free before you commit.

  1. CycleBlast Rides: Each location is giving away 2500 free rides to go with their grand opening. Just head to their website and sign up. The dates for Troy are:July 28 – August 7 and Northville will be: August 18 – 28. Get out and get your ride on!
  2. CycleBar Troy is having a contest where you can win 50 free rides! Head over here and enter today through August 7, 2016.
  3. I am giving one free ride away! Enter below and you could be riding away to better health and a better shape. The winner of the free ride will also be getting some additional goodies so go enter!

For more information about the upcoming CycleBlast rides, and to learn how to sign up, connect with each studio on Facebook (CycleBar Troy and CycleBar Northville). You can also go to and click “Find a Class” to reserve your spot and sign up for a free ride. If you’re interested in signing up for a free ride at the Northville location, visit and sign up for their e-newsletter to receive an update when the class registration schedule is announced.

Welcome to Metro Detroit CycleBar! It will be fun.

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