Connectivity and Safety Shine at the NAIAS

Connectivity and Safety Shine at the NAIAS

It’s January in Detroit. That means two things: unpredictable ice/snow weather and the auto show (NAIAS) is in town.

The auto show is almost like a rite of passage for drivers in southeastern Michigan and neihboring states and cities. Your turn 16, you go drool over the cars you cannot afford, and imagine yourself in the fastest and sportiest car of them all.Ford GT #NAIAS #SteelMatters

While most people attend the NAIAS to look at the stunning and unique car designs, and the companies do a great job of putting on a show with all the concept and redesigned cars, others go to see all their car options in one place. I do my research before buying a car but I really do like the idea of seeing all the cars that I am interested in one place. Plus, the lights just make all the vehicles look amazing!

At the 2017 NAIAS two themes rang true throughout the show that, as a wife and mother, really stood out to me.  All the top and newest cars on the market have a strong focus on connectivity and safety.Inside Genesis G90 #SteelMatters #Genesis


Most cars on the market have a centralized connection center. The big, multi-functional center consoles allow you to stream music, maps, and phone calls. With most vehicles having a large center screen that controls all your connections, you can see (watch the road!) and hear directions, friends and family right through your speakers.

The connectivity is so cool and way better than it was 5 years ago. Cell phones can now be connected with ease to not only do any calling but also your texting. Vehicles have are being equipped with voice-to-text technology that is way better then Siri. For a busy mom who seems to live out of her car these are amazing features. I can drive without worrying about who called me or what that text just said I need to pick up from the store.

There are also apps now that helps you control all the remote functions of your car, including automatic start. Connecting all areas of your life, the perfect thing for your car to do.


The high tech safety that come with most vehicles is what I am most excited about. One of the highest priorities of car and tire companies alike is the safety of you and your family on the road.Backseat safety #SteelMatters

The coolest part of all these safety features? Many companies are making their safety packages standard (no upcharge for those cool new features) making safety not only affordable but stylish.

So what are some of these safety features? How about lane assist to keep you in your lane? Or pedestrian detection to keep the people around you safe? Both are nice options, especially if you live in a bigger city. Some other highlights include a head up display that is always visible, smart cruise control that senses the cars around you, self-driving cars, and cameras that can show all areas around you. You are safer in a car today than ever before.

With stunning design and the features I want as a mom, connectivity and safety, vehicles of any type are more exciting than ever. As Detroit brings the best of the best to town for the NAIAS this coming 2 weeks, I know you will be in awe of how far the vehicles have come and how much you are going to want all of them.

The NAIAS runs from January 14, 2017 to January 21, 2017 for the public. Make sure you check it out.

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