The Confidence Found in Swim Lessons

The Confidence Found in Swim Lessons

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There is nothing more exciting as a parent then watching your kid succeed at a new task. Success is something all parents strive for with their kids. It is truly an amazing thing to see. One of the biggest keys strategies to these success stories that we tell as parents is confidence.

Confidence is such a solid building block for life. It gives our little ones, ok, everyone for that matter, the inner security to succeed at things. Confidence is something that some people have right from the beginning of life, for others it takes time to build up and help from those around us.

For those that need a little help in building their confidence, a new skill can be very rewarding. My son has always had this aura of confidence about him, but my daughter has always needed a little more support in that area. We started swimming lessons as a life skill that could potentially save their lives one day, but what has happened to their confidence is truly amazing.New Experiences at Goldfish Swim School

Over the last few weeks, I have been able to watch two kids, slightly timid of the water, learn new skills and become very eager to get in the pool every week. With each completed lesson and skill learned and perfected, their confidence has grown exponentially. The lessons themselves and the instructors at Goldfish Swim School has come together for a killer confidence builder combination.

As I sit and watch my kids swim their way through their lessons, I see eagerness to jump in, willingness to try new things, and the confidence to know that they will succeed. Even if they do not succeed at first, they will soon with practice. While the skills are a big part of this success, the instructors are even more important. Every instructor that we have had at Goldfish Swim School have been inviting, understanding, and willing to push them just a little farther outside their comfort zone. The instructors are caring, helpful, good swimmers, and great with kids of different skill levels. Without them, I do not think my kids would be as confident as they are in and out of the water.Water slide at Goldfish Swim School

Anytime swimming lessons are even mentioned around my little ones, their faces light up and they start talking a mile a minute about what they are doing and what they will be doing soon (which usually is some form of more or longer swimming lessons). As I have seen firsthand their confidence grow in their ability to swim, that confidence has shown up in other parts of their lives. Goldfish Swim School and their instructors have been invaluable to the confidence boost that I see in my kids. They try things they have avoided in the past and they push themselves to succeed more. And I love it!!Letting Go with Goldfish Swim School

Find out more about Goldfish Swim School on their website here or just ask and I would be happy to fill you in.

2 thoughts on “The Confidence Found in Swim Lessons”

  • I think it’s great for everyone to know how to swim! You never know when you might need it and always better to start at an early age!

  • I was so looking forward to putting my 20 month old in swim lessons this year – yet I didn’t realize the demand was so high. I called 5 different swim schools and was put on a wait list for each, sad to say no openings this year, but next year I’m calling in February!

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