Comet TV October Giveaway: Robocop

Comet TV October Giveaway: Robocop

October is an amazing month in so many ways but Comet TV is really stepping up their game with airing the entire Robocop Trilogy for you to see. On October 21, 2017 and again on October 26, 2017 you can sit down and watch the entire trilogy and get your fill.





October, demons, blood guts and gore, that’s what the month will bring to viewers. Join COMET TV for a horror retrospective of some of the most ingenious films, sure to scare the most die- hard fans of the genre. From classics to contemporary, COMET TV has them all.

Airing daily throughout October, check schedule at



Friday Primetime Movie 8P/7C
Saturday Encore Presentation 8P/7C

Real Genius (1985)
Friday, October 13 at 8P/7C

Lord of Illusions (1995)
Friday, October 20 at 8P/7C

The Silence of The Lambs (1991)
Friday, October 27 at 8P/7C

I am loving all the new movies and of course the horror underground because let’s be honest, what is October without classic horror movies to keep us entertained.

Now the better stuff, the giveaway! Enter below but this months prize pack includes:

1 –Robocop Omni Consumer Products T-shirt: A perfect T-shirt for out and about and to show your Robocop love. It sports the famous Omni Consumer Products logo on the front and looks amazing on!

1 -Limited Edition COMET TV Card: You’ll get 1 or 3 limited edition designs that feature one of the Underground Horror Titles showing this month on COMET TV!

1-Limited Edition COMET TV Pin Set: There’s nothing better to add a little flair to any ensemble that this limited edition COMET TV pin set. It features six different designs including Stargate and Andromeda.

1 –COMET TV Syringe Pen: Oh the horror! This green liquid syringe pen will have you the envy of everyone in your office. I mean let’s be real, who else has a COMET TV green liquid syringe pen? The answer… It could be you!

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  • My all time favorite horror movie is the very first one I ever saw….the original Carrie. I had nightmares for days!

  • My favorite horror movie is Amityville, no sure if I spelled that correctly or not, but that movie still scares me to this day. Plus I have now read the book which is a lot scarier than the movie. The documentary is equally as freaky.

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