Disney-Pixar Coco: A Family Inspiration Film

Disney-Pixar Coco: A Family Inspiration Film

Do you know the true meaning of Día de los Muertos or more commonly known as Day of the Dead? I know a little about the celebration but have to admit that for a long time I always thought it was simply a Mexican version of Halloween. Oh how wrong I was! Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and family and is very deeply rooted in Mexican Culture that even comparing the day to Halloween is insulting.In the newest film from Disney-Pixar, Coco, the true meaning behind Day of the Dead is explored in a way only Disney-Pixar can…..and it’s a bit of a tear jerker. Miguel, a young boy whose family has a checkered past with music, wants nothing more then to be a musician. He will do anything to make his dream come true, even if it means disobeying his family’s wishes.

Miguel’s chance to show the off his talent comes when the family is distracted preparing for Dia de los Muertos and he runs off to the tomb of his hero, Ernesto. It is there that Miguel is transported to the “other side” and becomes one of the dead coming to see and celebrate with their families. The race is then on because in less than 24 hours, Miguel must find a family member, be brought back to land of the living, show everyone how much music means to him, and solve a pretty big mystery. In the end, Miguel is reunited with his family and music is once again celebrated!Miguel-Hector Music

Now, the name of the film, Coco, might be a bit misleading but I promise it all makes sense in the end. Coco is Miguel’s great-grandmother and the center of the mystery. Her role may seem trivial at first but it what family if all about. And don’t forget about Miguel’s goofy sidekick, the dog Dante. Dante may be a mutt from the streets but his guidance keeps Miguel on his quest for the truth.

Coco is full of vibrant colors and scenes sure to keep your eyes glued to the screen while giving a glimpse into Mexican heritage. The film shows the connection between the living and the dead and how one mistake from the past can shape so many generations thereafter. There is a true urgency from the dead that they be remembered and celebrated by their living families and friends, the real Day of the Dead. The film has a story that is hard to break and while there are funny moments along the way, we always come back to staying true to ourselves and our family.Miguel-Dante

There is so much I could tell you about Coco but of course, no spoilers! I will say you will probably leave the theater crying a little (or a lot) and that is OK. Seeming the film on the big screen in 3D is completely worth the tears. Coco is a great film for families, especially older children who can understand the concepts a bit more. But kids of all ages will enjoy the music, dancing, and chase scenes throughout the film.

As an added bonus, a special feature Olaf’s Frozen Adventure can be seen with Coco in theaters. I have not seen the feature yet but here is a clip of what’s in store for our favorite frozen heroes:

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