Bugs and Hisses $15 Amazon Giveaway

Bugs and Hisses $15 Amazon Giveaway

October is my favorite month with the cooler weather coming in, fall colors, and above all Halloween. Halloween is my favorite holiday. There is so much fun stuff to do: decorate, events, kids delight that surround the whole month! I just love the fanfare and the joy I see in all the kids, especially mine. Plus, the candy is an added bonus when you as mom get to share with your kids.

With all the fanfare this month, budgets can get tight and there is always something that needs to be bought to help with the celebrations. To help you with all the essentials I want to give you a $15 Amazon gift card. It is sure to help with some of those shopping needs!

So, enter to win the $15 Amazon gift card from me below and then hop on down and check out all the other great prizes in the Bugs and Hisses Giveaway Hop. The Bugs and Hisses Giveaway Hop is being hosted by two wonderful bloggers: The Kids Did It and The Mommy Island! They both have fun family stuff and a ton of other giveaways so be sure to check them out. There is some fun stuff to win in the hop so don’t delay!

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