Brome Burgers and Shakes #wheninbrome #bromeburgers

Brome Burgers and Shakes #wheninbrome #bromeburgers

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Every burger place is different and is to trying to make its mark in the food market, which means that it needs to do something better or have something special that no one else has. We are lucky to have many great burger places in Metro Detroit. We have a handful of unique and only located here that are more than worth your time to stop for dinner, whether as a local or a visitor.

One of these places is in Dearborn, MI and is called Brome Burgers and Shakes. This is a unique place when it comes to burger places. Not only do you have the option for an organic beef patty or a traditional Black Angus beef patty (still higher quality than most places) but you order at the counter and everything is brought to you like a restaurant. It’s what I see as a fast food/restaurant combo that works really well.Brome Burgers Shakes

When you first walk into Brome you are given a menu with many different options. First if your entrée: pick a burger, try a classic or one of their unique combinations, or a salad. Order it up organic and choose your fries. Yes, you get to choose the flavor of your fries. There are both regular and sweet potatoes and about a half dozen flavor combinations. Then top off your order with a delicious shake!

While the menu has to be seen to be truly believed let me tell you how amazing it is! Since I was lucky enough to go to Brome with a whole group of people we got to see a wide variety of the menu, and all were impressed. There are even gluten free options for those who need it.Brome #wheninBrome #BromeBurgers

My burger was the deluxe and it came with beef bacon (amazing by the way) and a Dijon sauce that was tasty. The burger was juicy and well-made based on temperature. It had all the toppings I wanted and was quite big considering. Next time I might try a lettuce wrap. The fries were thin cut and cooked to be crispy which I love. Of all the fry flavors (many with garlic…yum!). I choose to have cilantro and garlic put on my fries and ate them all. The flavor and crispness of the fries were so good I would have ate just them for dinner. My dessert/drink was an Oreo cookie shake that came with a straw big enough to get cookie pieces through. It was the widest straw I have ever seen. The shake was nice and creamy and while I love Oreo cookies, the Reese’s looked pretty good too.

Brome made quite an impression on me and my group that night. They were attentive and quick with food and overall it was a pleasant atmosphere. They are on the cutting edge of technology with a solar powered fan and their own garden that they grow inside and is self-watered to be used for dishes. They also know that they may be a bit pricier than some people want to spend so their combination of services make it so they do not accept tips, even if you want to give them (I know, I tried). I look forward to taking my family back to enjoy the food themselves. Brome made a great impression on me!

Want to see for yourself? Check out Brome Burgers and Shakes here on their website, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The pictures will leave your mouth watering.

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