Brave Mornings Again

Brave Mornings Again

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They are usually a crazy busy time in my house and kinda dreaded when the alarm goes off. Getting myself ready for work while trying to help get two littles ready to go to daycare can be stressful. There is never enough time and I already get up way to early to get some of the morning duties accomplished. We are out the door by 6am everyday.

My alarm goes off at 430a every morning and then its arush to get to that 6am departure time. Many mornings I am lucky if even get my first cup of coffee before running out the door, let alone any type of breakfast. I would love to have better breakfast options that allow me to just grab and go, but those options are usually just a sugary mess that always leads to a crash later. The other options take too long to prepare or are something that I cannot eat in the car as I am doing drop-offs. Both of those are problematic with our crazy mornings.

Brave mornings with belVita Breakfast Biscuits

I want an easily portable, good tasting, protein packed breakfast option.

There might be some new hope in the breakfast game. belVita Breakfast Biscuits have been around the block a few times and have a few new flavors that are packed full of protein to give you another breakfast options. These new biscuits offer you 4 hours of sustained energy all packed into a bar that is easy to grab and go. Grab a belVita Breakfast Biscuit for a great start to your day.

The newest belVita Breakfast Biscuit flavors (they will make your mouth water) are available at your local Walmart and are so tasty, even my kids want to take them as their breakfast at daycare. Honestly, its a little hard for this momma to share. It does say something about their taste though when the 2 and 3 year old prefers it over other breakfast options. At Walmart you can find the belVita Breakfast Biscuit Bites in Cinnamon Brown Sugar, belVita Breakfast Biscuits in Toasted Coconut or Blueberry, and belVita Breakfast Sandwiches in Strawberry Yogurt or Vanilla Yogurt.

belVita Breakfast Biscuits

With belVita Breakfast Biscuits, you can have a great start to all your mornings. There is no need to fear that alarm clock anymore. You can brave mornings again with belVita Biscuits.belVita at Walmart

Can’t wait to try belVita Breakfast Biscuits yourself? Well, now you can try them and save some money. Check out the newest Ibotta rebate here and get your own. You will not be disappointed.

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