Summer Adventure Awaits on a Boat

Summer Adventure Awaits on a Boat

It’s here, it’s here! Summer time in Michigan has arrived again and for most of us that means one thing: lake time! I am so fortunate to live in a state that has hundreds of bodies of water. Our lakes range in size from small, only big enough to swim, to the large and expansive Great Lakes. No matter where you turn or what road you take you will most likely add run into a lake or two. Michiganders love their lakes and spend many hours on them during our warm months and for many that means heading out on a boat for some water fun.

Boating is one way Boating Adventureto make the most of your long summer days. You get to feel the wind in your hair, the waves on your skin, and the sun in your face all away from the hustle and bustle of the beach crowds. A boating adventure awaits for you.


Boating offers so many options for water fun! There are multiple water sports that involve a boat, you can fish, you can swim, or you can simply lay in the sun and listen to the waves. One of my favorite memories of my Grandfather was getting up early and hitting the open water on Lake Huron before the sun came up. We would fish, troll around the water, and I would spend some time in the sun. It was some of my best summer days. Now a days I try to take the family out on the water as many times as I can during the summer but we do more playing. The kids love to water ski and tube across the water.

Boating Fun

Boating can be a family experience or a solo experience depending on what kind of adventure you are looking for but no matter what, there is a boat for everyone. Discover Boating is working hard to get the word out about boating! They want everyone to know that not only is it fun, but is affordable. While on discoverboating(dot)com you can also find fun tutorials and videos of other activities to do while boating as well as important safety tips. Safety should always come first when you are near or in the water. Now you too can spend the day out on the water with your family and friends!

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  • We love taking our boat out into the gulf and spending the day snorkeling (or scalloping when it is in season) and just relaxing for the day. We always bring sandwiches, fruit, salty snacks, and lots of fresh water. We especially love bringing friends and family out with us.

  • My brothers have a boat and I go out 3 or 4 times in the summer. They have it on the lake and their are a lot of places to anchor and swim, picnic etc

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