All Around Wireless Connectivity

All Around Wireless Connectivity

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We live in a wireless world where everyone wants to be connected at all times. We want connectivity to our phones, tablets, family, friends, and if we could probably our pets. In some ways it shows how much we have progressed, in others it shows how dependent on technology we have become.

No matter what side of the fence you are on when it comes to connectivity, most people will admit how nice it is to be connected, especially at those times where you feel you need to be. I personally love the idea of being connected, to my phone more than anything, where I can keep up emails, phone calls, social media, and podcasts all from one device.

The key is having a good headset that keeps you in touch with all those things. I have tried many different wireless headsets over the years and they all failed in one form or another. The most common fault is the battery life. I mean what’s the point of a wireless headset if it dies half-way through the day.

Working With Jabra Halo Smart

Good new!! Battery life is no longer an issue for headsets! You might think I’m kidding but I am so serious. The new Jabra Halo Smart wireless headset has hit the market and taken over. An easy to wear and use headset that does all your phone alerts, takes calls, connects to the Bluetooth of other devices for audio books, movie, and podcasts and has a 15 HOUR battery life.

15 hours!

I am not joking here. This headset gives you multi-functionality right at your fingertips with a headset that sits right around your neck and lasts all day and then some. For me, because I am usually listening to music or answering phone calls, the battery lasts me just shy of two days. That is just amazing.

The Jabra Halo Smart comes with different size earbuds so there is a size for everyone and the band is so lightweight that you forget you are wearing it. The uses are endless and since the earbuds attach to the headset by magnets (these are not the best but they do work) you can walk, ride, drive, and just go on with your daily activates completely connected.

My husband and I fight over who get the Halo Smart each day because we both really like the set. I guess that means I need to get another set for a gift soon. I think you will like the Halo Smart as much as we do. Check it out on Amazon here and let me know what you think at first glance.

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  • (All Around Wireless Connectivity) Wow! these new Jabra Halo Smart wireless headset sounds great to me. I am going to tell my daughter about them . She has been looking for something like this for awhile now.

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