Armed With Truth Temporary Tattoos

Armed With Truth Temporary Tattoos


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Armed With Truth Tattoo


Tattoos. They are a common mainstream thing now a days and a way for many people to express themselves. These works of art can range from simple to complex and everything in between. They can be words, pictures, abstract, or exact and always seem to draw attention when visible.

So what if you were looking for a unique tattoo that could change with you and your feelings. Most likely that would mean you would lean towards  the temporary version of a tattoo that can be easily removed and changed. These type of tattoos offer options for those who want them or for kids who want to express themselves in the same way.Armed With Truth Scripture

Armed with Truth temporary tattoos allow just that option for expression for Christians. These tattoos come in two versions: full bible verses or designer that are shorter phrases or individual words of wisdom from the Bible, and can be worn for a few days and then changed to fit your current mood.

The verse packs are the most elaborate of the sets come with one full verse per tattoo. There are ten verses to a set and all center around a specific theme. I got the “kids” pack for my daughter and she has loved having them. The verses are short and are relevant to the life of kids. They are all uplifting and gentle reminders that everything is good with God. She enjoyed reading the verses throughout the lifespan of the temporary tattoo and was always excited to get the new verse put on her arm.Armed With Truth Kids Pack

I was able to try the designer series and I choose the words “Be Still”. The phrase “Be Still” has always had a place in my heart, no only in my religious beliefs but in my personal day to day. I have learned so much from sitting and listening to the world around me and it has benefited me greatly. Of course, as life gets crazy it can be hard to remember to just be still and listen, having this tattoo was a nice reminder when needed.

Armed With Truth Designer Tattoos

Armed with Truth temporary tattoos have been a welcomed reminder of God’s love in our daily lives. The tattoos look elegant and each one of them have a strong message associated with it. They are non-toxic and non-allergenic and very easy to put on. Each tattoo lasted about 4 days for us, a decent amount of time. You can check out more about Armed with Truth here on their website and if you want to place an order, use code: lifeoutside and save 20%.


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