An American Girl Store Comes to Metro Detroit

An American Girl Store Comes to Metro Detroit

There are some classic toys of my childhood that I remember very vividly. These are the toys that have stood the test of time and continue to make memories for kids of all ages. One of these brands is American Girl. American Girl is the classic doll company who created a lifelong friend for you to learn about and grow up with. When I was a kid we had the known, named dolls (like Samantha, Kit, and Addy) with their outfits and a few small accessories. Even more of a challenge was to buy a doll we had to travel from Detroit to Chicago to the American Girl Store (think pre-internet!). I think it was a trip we only made once or twice because of the distance. I admired all the American Girls from catalogs and wanted to own them all! As I got older I kind of grew out of the doll phase and American Girl.

Then I had girls in my life who began to look up to the brand just the same way that I did. American Girl has not only stayed true to their brand but have expanded to include the difference of EVERY girl. And just like me, my daughter wanted them all! So in this age of internet and online ordering, we did not have to make the trip to Chicago to get a doll of her own. I admit that the online route was not the same. Being able to hold and pick out your perfect American Girl was part of the experience and made it so much more special. Pictures online and in catalogs do not the real doll justice. So, we considered a trip to Chicago.American Girl Dolls

As a nice little surprise, an American Girl store came to us! It has been in the works for a while now and finally opened this past weekend in Novi. Metro Detroiters rejoice because we now have our own store. Ok, so it only temporary (at 12 Oaks Mall until January 31, 2017 so get there now!) and it is not as big or complete as the main store in Chicago but it is still magical. What a great and local way to create memories for your daughters!

The American Girl store in Novi has everything a little fan could want. They have the set of classic dolls (think the ones we grew up with) and the full line of their Truly Me line. Haven’t heard of the other lines yet? Well, here is your introduction.

The Truly Me line is a doll that is designed to look just like you. There are over 100 dolls with different skin, hair, and eye colors that you combine to choose the perfect doll. The idea is to have your new best friend that will look and be just like you. There are hundreds, yes hundreds of accessories to make your doll extra special. There are accessories for music, sports, camping, school, even holidays and disabilities. You can even buy earrings and hair color to customize your doll. It was amazing the detail and variety of accessories for your doll.  American Girl Accessories

The store also carries the new line: WellieWishers. WellieWishers is the doll line for younger girls (like 5-8 age range) that is little bit smaller and easier to handle. There are 5 special friends who each have a special trait that makes them extra special to their friends. The dolls are amazing! They are a great start to the American Girl family for your younger ones. WellieWishers even has their own appisodes coming to a smartphone/tablet near you soon.

No matter what part of the American Girl brand you are looking for you can find in Novi but on a slightly smaller scale. They have Bitty Baby and accessories, girl of the year: Lea, and even a doll salon. To fully grasp how amazing this store and the American Girl brand still is, you need to visit. Head over to 12 Oaks today and take a tour around the store and pick up a Truly Me doll. You will not be sorry. This store is amazing.

Do you have a favorite American Girl?

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