8 Simple Tools for Raising Simple Kids

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I love my kids and I want the best for them. But, let’s be honest, raising kids is not an easy task. No matter how you decide to raise them (and trust me mamma, that is completely up to you, don’t be bullied) there are a few tricks that I think all parents can learn from. I like to raise my kids with rules and love. We have rules for a reason and I am a parent first and friend second to my little ones but if they can give me a good reason for breaking a rule, I let it slide and modify the rule. On the other hand, I expect rules to be broken and accidents to happen so I parent with love, there are no ill-wills and mistakes are forgiven and forgotten about in our house.

And still it is hard, as a parent you want to be upset and want them to behave but lets be real, kids need to be kids. On the flip side all parents can use a little bit of help and skills when it comes to being a parent, and there is no shame in that learning. 8 Simple Toold for raising great Kids Book

I have read many advice columns and books looking for ones that would better my skills as a parent and honestly they have not been that helpful. The newest book I have read is “8 Tools for Raising Great Kids” by Dr. Todd Cartmell and I will say that this is the first book that meant something to me.

8 Simple Tools is just that, a set of guidelines that can help you grow as a parent along with helping your kids to be their best. That is something that is hard to accomplish as parents tend to push their kids too hard or too little. My best suggestion is being somewhere in the middle. The 8 tools are directed, unique, and completely achievable. The book splits the tools up into sections with chapters on how to accomplish them. I love the fact that there is research and stories behind the tools and it even includes simple ways to use them.Inspiration from 8 Simple Tools for Raising Great Kids

Without giving away too much I do feel like this is a must read for all parents, even with the added Christian element (which are perfect for our house) they are all relateable. Some of the tools I did not think of as tools until I read the book and looked at the practical application. I like that the book also gives you tips on corrective actions that we as parents face everyday. The book is easy to read and fun too. You can find the book and more information here.

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  • Sounds like an interesting read and might be good to combine with a parent’s gut feeling of what is right for their child.

  • I’d love to read this. I like the subject of “simplicity parenting.” Thanks for sharing!

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