4 Usually Forgotten Road Trip Essentials

4 Usually Forgotten Road Trip EssentialsMy family and I love to travel. As a family of five our preferred vacation is camping or taking a road trip. While those trips may be cheaper, preparing for them is not that easy. There is so much you need to pack, even for shortest of trips but it never fails that something is forgotten. After many trips I have come up with a list of four items that are forgotten most often. The items that I deem worthy of this list are simple everyday items. They may seem like no big deal but when you are traveling with kids in particular they are a must. These items apply to any trip really but are more important when camping or staying in multiple hotels on a road trip.

1. Hand Soap: As simple as it seems hand soap is must for traveling. Not only are you sure you have a good antibacterial hand soap for after the bathroom or meals but sometimes you just have to wash your hands and if you have any water and hand soap you are all set. Having hand soap around just helps to ensure clean and germ free hands, something that I like knowing is possible. I prefer the hand soaps that you can lock back closed so there is no leaking or mess in the car.

2. Laundry Soap: When staying any place with running water it is always a good idea to have some laundry soap on hand. Kids get dirty, youRoad Trip Essentials get dirty and sometimes run out of do not pack enough cloths. So, what do you do? Wash them! Sure, there is probably some other types of soap laying around but actual laundry soap works so much better and you don’t have to pay to have your clothes clean. I prefer a bag of powder laundry soap because it can store flat and you can use just what you need. Then hang to dry and your clothes are at least clean again.

3. Travel Coffee Mug: Most hotels have a coffee maker and you can make your own coffee at camp but what about drinking it. A) those cups provided are not big enough for my coffee or my creamer (I like my creamer a lot!) and B) why make excess trash when you can have a larger reusable cup for your coffee every morning. My favorite Eeyore travel mug goes with me every where. This is also nice for road trips because the lid ensures no spills in the car or on you. But if you do spill on you see item #2 again.

4. Dish Soap: Another soap must. Not only is dish soap super handy to have around for your travel coffee mug but it is also used for sippy cups, snack bowls and anything else reusable that you may need for the car or on your trip. Let’s be honest, who wants to pack a dozen sippy cups or wash them with random soap that can leave a soap residue. I know I don’t want soap residue and I’m 99% sure neither do my kids. So think ahead and bring a small bottle of dish soap. You definitely do not need much.

Paper Towel: Road Trip Must HaveAnd as a bonus item, and one I still forget regularly: Paper Towel. If you ever need to dry something quickly, clean up a spill, or have a napkin for food on the road a roll of paper towel handy is the best way to go. Plus, you can usually squeeze them into corners and smaller places so you can reach them quickly and easily.

Did I miss anything? What are you road trip essentials that you tend to forget about until you are on the road?

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6 thoughts on “4 Usually Forgotten Road Trip Essentials”

  • I carry with me in my purse at all times a piece of soap in an old film container! And I have a jar of powdered laundry detergent in my travel bag, so I know just what you mean. One thing I sometimes forget is sunglasses.

  • Laundry and Dish soap are great to have. I never would have thought about bringing those.

  • These are good tips. I think it is important to bring all of these on a road trip. I would love to go for a family road trip sometime soon!

  • Can’t remember how many times we’ve forgotten to bring soap for handwashing…..we now have a supply in the car lol

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