End of the Road #BehindtheBlogger

End of the Road #BehindtheBlogger

So here it is, finally, the end of 2016. What a year it has been.

This year has been one of my hardest yet with a lot more downs then ups. There were days that I was not sure if it would better.

2016 sure left its mark on me and on the world. Events, deaths, and changes came at us full throttle with little we could do to change them.

Yet, we banded together. Days are looking brighter. Things are looking up.

2016 has beaten me up but I will rise. It has taught how strong I really am and how I succeed when I put my mind to it. 2016 showed me how important my family and friends were and how to let go of those who were only bringing me down. Happiness is not based on your income or the things you do but the time you spend with loved ones. It made me devise new plans and ideas and step outside my comfort zone. It made me hold on for dear life. It taught me to trust in God and myself. It has taught me how to forgive.

As we reach the end of the road of 2016, let’s welcome 2017 with open arms!

I will take all my lessons learned in 2016 and jump right in as the New Year comes with renewed motivation and determination. I wish you all the best in the coming year with lots new and exciting coming your way. I hope that no matter how 2016 treated you, you can stand tall and rise above this coming year.

All my love and peace!

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